How the 12 Astrology Houses Influence Your Personality Traits

How the 12 Astrology Houses Influence Your Personality Traits

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You’ve all heard of astrology’s 12 houses, haven’t you? They’re the zodiac’s game board, if you will. But these mystical abodes do a great deal more than just take up space. Oh, they’re doing a lot of things, working overtime, building the magnificent person that is you. From the wildest dreams to the perfect love match, these 12 houses are your astrological blueprints.

In the coming sections, we’re going to show you around this bewitched palatial. And just before we reach the check-out lines, The end; you’ll know what each house makes you tick, and just maybe, you’ll finally understand why you are irresistibly drawn to that cute little sleepy-eyed puppy every time Venus is completing its transit downstairs. Tune in, Your astrology guide will take off shortly.

Chart of 12 houses in Astrology

Connection Between Astrology Houses and Personality Traits

The 12 astrology houses are the basic structure of the system, similar to dividing a celestial pizza into 12 equal pieces. Each piece is called a house, and each house has its own flavor, representing the area of your life it affects. Note that these houses do not represent existing buildings or share a similar property concept.

Instead, the 12 houses are drawn in a circle called the “horoscope wheel”- a snapshot of the sky at the time and place you were born. Picture it as a giant compass pointing you to where each house function lies. More so, the horoscope wheel encompasses a time in space relative to the Eastern Horizon, where the sun rose the moment you were born. Starting at the Eastern Horizon and moving counterclockwise, here is how all the 12 astrology houses correlate with the zodiac signs. Each house represents a specific life area, from your self-image to your career. Furthermore, every house correlates with a zodiac sign, offering you a buddy system to bear the weight.

But wait, don’t dismiss a pizza just because of its bland crust. Similarly, you can’t disregard a house by its structure only. You need to consider the planets in each house, the zodiac sign on the house cusp, and the relationships between the planets and signs. Chew on this metaphorical food for thought, as we explore each delicious house. Sound confusing, time-consuming, or overly complicated? Well, nobody ever said that understanding the cosmos and astrology would be as easy as pie – or pizza! Hang in there, and you will be avowedly well-versed in astrology houses in no time.

How the Astrology Houses Impact Your Personality

In astrology, you’re not just a Gemini or a Capricorn. You’re a mix of planetary placements, signs, and houses, all adding their own special layer of the cosmic blueprint that makes you, you. But let us focus on the 12 houses – the building that gives us insight into aspects of our lives. They’re like the Google Maps of astrology, showing where which area of life these things are likely to happen. They’re where the zodiac gets personal. Think of these as your own cosmic backstages.

Every house represents another aspect of your life – from your looks, to your relationships, to your job, to your deepest dreams. And as planets move through these houses, they bring their energies and characteristics with them, influencing your personality. It’s almost like a cosmic cocktail party: the house is the location, planets are the guests, and the signs are the party-mood. Say your Mercury (communication) is hanging out in the third house – the house of communication and learning – and he’s in Libra there – the sign of balance and diplomacy. You’re likely a diplomatic communicator who can make a wild party come to terms with each other. Analyzing your birth chart’s occupants can help you understand yourself on a deeper level.

But hey, no judging! We’re all perfectly imperfect in the cosmos’ eyes. Just think, if you’d know about this before your last speed-dating, you could’ve skip all the small talk and go straight to “what’s happening in your 5th house of love.” Well, there’s always next time – on the next pages, you’ll find how each of the 12 Astrology houses influences ten personalities.


Which Planets Rule Which Houses? List.

  • First house: Mars
  • Second house: Venus
  • Third house: Mercury
  • Fourth house: the moon
  • Fifth house: the Sun
  • Sixth house: Mercury
  • Seventh house: Venus
  • Eighth house: Pluto
  • Ninth House: Jupiter
  • 10th House: Saturn
  • 11th House: Uranus
  • 12th House: Neptune

A Deep Dive Into the 12 Houses of Astrology.

The First House: Identity and Self-Image

The First House starts with the most well-known of these “angles,” the Ascendant (or Rising Sign), which is located on the left-hand side of your birth chart. At 9 o’clock position if you think in terms of a clock that represents your natal chart.

This house is all about you, yes you, and specifically about your identity and self-image.

Now, in this mansion of yours, the first house is like the front yard. It's the first thing people see about you, and it's pretty good at forming those crucial first impressions. The first house corresponds to the sign of Aries in the zodiac cycle, and just like Aries, it's all about leadership, new beginnings, and those "me-first" moments.

So what happens if you've got planets camping out in your first house? Well, they'll impact your personality in fascinating ways. Jupiter chilling in your first house? Expect a generous sprinkle of optimism, wisdom, and maybe an irresistible urge to book that spontaneous weekend getaway.

On the other hand, if the Moon is hovering here, your moods might be as visible as a neon sign at a dimly lit diner. And let's not forget the Sun, placing it here means your identity may shine as bright as a summer day.

Remember, these are just general influences. Everyone's celestial blueprint is unique, just like those childhood pictures you keep hidden.

The Second House: Values and Possessions

We've crossed the foyer, and now we're standing in the living room of your astrological mansion - the second house. This house isn't about the latest furniture you've managed to assemble without losing a single screw. Rather, it's about your values and possessions.

The second house corresponds to the lux-loving sign of Taurus. So, unsurprisingly, it's all about those earthly delights: finances, personal belongings, and self-worth. We can also call it your personal treasury. Not just about the coin in your pocket, but your non-tangible assets - talents, skills, and yes, those viral TikTok dance moves.

Got Venus hanging around in your second house? You might have a penchant for luxurious comforts or a talent for generating wealth. A whiff of Saturn here, though, could mean you're a penny-pincher, holding onto every nickel like it's the last piece of chocolate.

But remember, the second house isn't just about what you have, it's about what you do with what you have. Are you the kind who generously tips at restaurants or do you treasure-hunt in couch cushions to gather spare change?

The Third House: Communication and Thought Process

Sliding smoothly into the third house, we find ourselves in the domain of the chatty twins of the zodiac, Gemini. This place is all about communication, intellect, and the whirlwind we call your thought process.

In this house, we unpack the dynamo of your brain, and yes, it's just as messy and marvelous as you think. Here lie your thought patterns, your style of expression, your innate curiosity, and your penchant for that 3AM Wikipedia deep dive on the mating habits of sloths.

Planets visiting this house are akin to guests at a networking event. Mercury here could mean you're quick as a whip with words, maybe spewing out dad jokes like a vending machine. Jupiter, on the other hand, might make you a perpetual student, always eager to learn and grow.

This house also governs over siblings, neighbors, and short trips. Wondering why you and your buddy could talk for hours about latest superhero flick? Blame it on the third house.

And let's not forget about those spur-of-the-moment road trips you love. Yes, those that begin with a simple craving for a burger and end in a different city!

The Fourth House: Home and Family Roots

The fourth house, and it's all about home, family, and your roots.

The fourth house, ruled by the ever-reflective Cancer, is your emotional grounding. This is where you'll find your deepest feelings about family, ancestry, and traditions. Let's call it your "emotional DNA". It’s the place in your chart that might explain why you inexplicably tear up every time you see an old family photo or why you cling to that quirky holiday tradition like a barnacle to a ship's hull.

a child building a sandcastle on a beach, with the gentle waves lapping at the shore

Planets that saunter into the fourth house tend to soak up this emotional energy like a sponge. If Mars, the warrior planet, finds itself here, you may have a 'fight for your tribe' spirit, defending your family like a honey badger - cute but terrifying. Venus might mean you love playing host, making your home a comfy haven for everyone. Talk about serious Hygge vibes!

And if the fourth house were to be a part of your home, it would be the foundation. It's the part of your chart that keeps you steady, reminding you of who you are and where you come from. So, next time you feel an odd sense of déjà vu when passing an ancestral portrait, or you decide to recreate grandma's secret cookie recipe, you know which house to applaud. Just remember, the walls have ears, or so they say in the fourth house.

The Fifth House: Creativity and Romance

If the 12 houses of astrology were a week-long music festival, the fifth house would be the headline act. This house brings the razzle-dazzle, the showstopper, the 'oomph'. It's all about creativity, romance, and the kind of fun that makes life more than just a series of to-do lists.

Governed by Leo, the drama queen of the zodiac, the fifth house is where you'll find your inner Picasso, your secret Shakespeare, or even your closeted karaoke superstar. It’s the cosmic playground for your artistic flair and the spot where you go 'off-script' in the great performance of life.

Now, the fun doesn't stop at arts and crafts. The fifth house is also about romance and, well, how you flirt. Is your style more akin to a classic James Bond suave approach, or perhaps more of a hilarious Jim Carrey's vibe? Either way, it's this house that puts the 'play' in the playboy.

And there's more. Ever wondered about your capacity to take risks, to roll the dice in life's great casino? The fifth house has got your back there too. Whether you're betting on Bitcoin or risking it all on a daredevil skydiving stunt, this house dictates your appetite for thrill and adventure.

The Sixth House: Health and Service

The 6th house in your astrology chart is all about how you go about living day-to-day and taking care of yourself. It’s the little quadrant of your birth chart that illuminates everything you do every single damn day and how you care for yourself. “The 6th house is a very powerful placement in your chart for healing,” says astrologer Pythia Pappas. It’s not as simple as just lining your workout schedule or sleep habits."

The first six houses focus on our personal experience and existence," says Alexandria Lettman, the mind behind spiritual wellness platform Jupiter Jewel. "So when it comes to the 6th house specifically, we're talking about quality of life in general and the responsibilities that come with everyday living." Everything from showing up for work, running your errands to finally booking that long pending doctor’s appointment.“

The 6th house is actually brought up frequently with the 10th because it has to do so much with career and work, because both of these houses have to deal with how we accomplish things,” says P.Pappas. · Knowing what zodiac sign that your 6th holds is quite revelatory. It will allow you to better see how you can maintain these healthy practices and patterns. At the same time, it also highlights behaviors that may not be serving you well — and how to avoid them.

So once you separate the head from the 6th house, it starts to make more sense:

  • Responsibilities and Work Ethic: This is how things operate here. How well do you complete your tasks on a daily basis? 
  • Health and Routines — This includes the aspects of physical as well as mental health which include an individual’s habits for a healthy living, managing their health better.
  • Service, Helpfulness: The 6th house shows your spirit of service and helpfulness. It describes how you serve the people around you.
  • Daily order and organisation; they refer to the management of one’s personal hygiene, ensuring a clean living environment.
  • Pets: Yes, even the connections with pets and other small animals that you care for are to be found in this house. That's also true of everything involving your relationship with animals!

Seventh House: Relationships and Partnerships

Step right into the seventh house, where your cosmic relationship counselor lives. Governed by lovely Libra, you can handle one-on-one relationships and partnerships. But let’s not limit our thinking to romantic ties; business partnerships, close friendships, and even your worst frenemies, think seventh house.

Have you ever wondered why you’re drawn to certain people like a moth to a flame, while others seem determined to push every button and trigger your every emotional tsunami? The magnetic pulls and push-pulls are all the seventh house’s doing. Consider this house your astrological compass, which tells you where you’re headed the next turn in the treacherous labyrinth.

Let’s start with romance. This is where the seventh house shines. The seventh house helps you navigate the rosy rose highs and the not so rosy rocky lows of your love life. It is subtly influencing who you pick as your partner and how you two work as a unit. So when you catch another “super like” on a Saturday night, or enjoy a romantic starlit dinner, remember to tip your hat to this house.

Then it’s time to chat about friendships and business partnerships. This house believes in the power of two axes, and that’s shaping how you smash the two together. Just like a high school guidance counselor, the seventh house offers advice and suggestions about how to deal with your partners, fight and be better together.

Finally, the seventh house isn’t all about rainbows and butterflies. It’s also your adversaries and opponents. So, your cosmic personal self-help book with advice on how to deal with conflicts and disputes.

The Eighth House: Transformation and Change

Hello, and welcome to the eighth house, your own personal cosmic life coach and renovator. This is the place that rules Scorpio and all things of transformation regeneration and change. We like to refer to your eighth house as the before and after of your life’s home renovation show, and let me tell you, it is not afraid to use a sledgehammer if necessary.

The eighth house is a significant player in your evolution and your adaptability throughout your life. It is like a software update for your soul helping you to grow and adapt to life’s curveballs. Think of it this way: you are a character in the computer game and each life event level you up to gain new abilities. That is the eighth house for you – the character’s guide to development.

However, in addition to your personal growth, the eighth houses also talk about shared resources and shared financial ventures, effectively acting as your celestial finance advisor. Thus, when it comes to shared financing from your joint bank account to invest in start-ups, the eighth house has got you covered. It always has your back when you have to decide whether to splurge or save.

Moreover, the eighth house also dives deep into the more profound energies, life, and death, and everything in between. That may sound macabre, but the eighth house’s role is to help you effectively facilitate life’s transformation with grace and strength. However, the eighth house on its last has a novel role; it regulates metaphysical ability and the occult. Therefore, if you have ever had an inexplicable premonition or had an encounter with a ghost, then you can thank your eighth house.

Ninth House: Expansion and Higher

Learning Domination of Sagittarius. This house is about the expansion of your mind and horizons, both figuratively and literally. In other words, it is everything that makes you look at the world wider and lights the flames of curiosity in your mind. Speaking of knowledge, the ninth house is like a celestial version of an elite university. The house of higher learning and philosophy, this is the silent cheerleader whispering in your ear when you read Nietzsche’s thoughts about existence or watch documentaries on mind-blowing theories of quantum physics.

In addition to formal language learning, the ninth house strongly implies that you learn from experience. Your life is a ship, and the ninth house is its captain. In other words, whenever it drives you to pack your suitcase and explore distant lands or inspires you to spend a whole weekend browsing a book that makes you feel like you’re in an entirely different world – that’s the ninth house helping you out.

But the ninth house is not just about global curiosity. It makes you explore the whole universe of your beliefs and moral systems. Think of it as a spiritual or philosophical journey, where it takes you on a trip to network all beliefs. But that’s not all, as the ninth house also rules over the legal portion of your interests. It’s you shouting, “Objection!” in the court hall or binging on all “criminal lawyer” TV shows on Netflix. 

The 10th House: Career and Reputation

This is the powerhouse ruled by serious, no-nonsense Capricorn, and it’s all about your professional aspirations, public image, and your path to fame, or notoriety. Your 10th house is like a celestial LinkedIn profile; it tells you what kind of jobs might suit you, how you portray yourself in a work environment, and how you handle responsibilities.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re drawn to a leadership position, or perhaps, why you excel as a shadowy superstar, well, your 10th house might have some answers. But your 10th house isn’t just about the daily grind; it’s also the PR rep of your astrological chart. See how it governs your reputation, and it’s how others perceive you in a public setting. It’s your celestial billboard; what you project out into the world, and what the world projects back at you.

But it doesn’t clock out at five; it also has a lot to say about how you perceive authority figures and how you deal with authority figures. Ever had a boss you just couldn’t work with? That’s your 10th house having a bit of a field day. Lastly, your 10th house is about ambition and achievement; after all, it plays a major part in defining your legacy. Are you going to be a renowned trailblazer or a famous philanthropist? The 10th house could have some answers.

The Eleventh House: Hopes and Aspirations

If the tenth house is your home office, then the eleventh house is your vision board, that dreamy space where you have all the second thoughts. What if I let my wildest aspirations and dreams go wild? This is the Aquarius-ruled home of all your hopes, aspirations, and all the great things you think you can do in your life.

Is this where your inner dreamer is ignited, pushing you to think beyond the nine-to five scheme of things? I have always dreamed of writing a bestselling novel or my startup, which will revolutionize the world for the better. Or, maybe, I have been keeping a record of the countdown to my 40th trip to the 40th country. So, this is one of these homes where your dreams grow into a garden for your wildest dreams.

But not everything needs to be done by me, me, me. This home is your group activities, friendships, and all things souls. I, who we, am part of one of the pictures, as I contemplate your role. Do you feel compelled to execute, charity, or join the movement? You feel banded with humanity in his burns, which is Eleventh House.

Moreover, this home burns friendships and links. It is your celestial contact list which friends you are drawn to and what your group dynamic is. Would you ten nights in a row in parties, or did you prefer a quiet night with your buddy? The eleventh house can offer some guidance.

The Twelfth House: Secrets and Inner Self

Escaping the shallow end, the twelfth house is often called ‘The House of Secrets’ or even ‘The House of the Unconscious’. Controlled by the ethereal and dreamy Pisces, it reveals a lot about the hidden and unacknowledged sides of your inner self. It is a cosmic walk-in closet, packed with locked boxes, lost treasures, and a few skeletons most likely. It’s the house where your secrets, deep-seated fears, subconscious desires, and banished parts of yourself reside. And similar to a dusty and dark attic, it’s a bit spooky to explore, but very rewarding once you do.

The twelfth house may tell a lot about your hidden strengths and potential. Have you ever found yourself brave and resourceful during a sudden crisis? Or realized you have a talent that has never seen the light of day? Your twelfth house made those opportunities possible. This house may also show how you process solitude and introspection. Do you find the opportunity to spend time in your own company deeply rewarding? Or do you feel terribly uncomfortable with the amount of time you spend thinking about yourself?

The twelfth house can show where the delicate balance of solitude and loneliness lies, and what are the best ways for you to recharge your reserves. However, the twelfth house is not only about self-awareness and introspection. It also reveals the domain of dreams, spiritual visions, and intuition.

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling that later turned out to be true? Or had a dream that seemed to have predicted some particular event? Welcome to the strange world of the twelfth house.

The Effect of Empty Houses in Your Astrological Chart

Now, hold onto your seats because we're diving into the subject of 'empty houses'. Don't worry, it's not as spooky as it sounds. In fact, if your chart was a hotel, empty houses would simply be unoccupied rooms. Not haunted, just vacant, waiting for the right cosmic guest to check-in.

standing at a crossroads, with paths leading in different directions, encapsulating the theme of choices and possibilities

In astrology, an empty house doesn’t mean it's useless or lacking in any way. It simply means there are no planets currently checked into that particular area of your life at the moment of your birth.

An empty house might just mean that the area of life it represents doesn't have a big drama sign over it, doesn't demand too much of your attention, or isn't a major theme in your life. Suppose you have an empty second house. This doesn't mean you'll never have any money or possessions. It just means your self-worth and financial life may not be where life's spotlight typically shines.

That said, while an empty house might not be where the action's at, it's not devoid of meaning. Every house is ruled by a zodiac sign, which brings its own flavor to the house, even if there aren't any planets throwing a party there. For example, if you have Sagittarius on the cusp of an empty sixth house, you might approach your daily work and health routines with enthusiasm, optimism, and a thirst for variety.

The Practical Application of Astrology Houses in Daily Life

So, you already know your astrology house by heart. That is fantastic, but let's make it practical. Knowing that your fifth house is in Virgo is not beneficial when you did not know how to apply this information. First of all, remember that astrology is not about fate in general. It is like having a GPS; it tells you what to do but doesn't make decisions for you.

Let’s say that Mars in the tenth house will be a workaholic; it will not happen necessarily. This means that you will tend to do something in your career or that is very risky. You decide if you go on the road at high speed. Understanding astrology houses opens your eyes to your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. With Jupiter living in your second house, your way to ambitions will be your optimistic view of the world and thinking globally when making financial decisions.

Taurus in the seventh house makes you well-balanced in the relationship because the seventh house is for love. This information will make you think about your behavior in certain situations and become more aware.

So, do not still be afraid to be a peacemaker in a friend group; it was already predicted when Libra was in your eleventh house. Why do you still like to read detectives? It’s simple, Scorpio in your ninth house has already told us. In other words, use this information to unlock your potential to become better.

Relationship and Career – Astrology Houses Guide Them

Then there is the seventh house, your wingman. He or she will reveal the attitude you look for in partnerships and your approach to one-on-one connections. Take great care when Venus, the goddess of love, appears in your seventh house, as he or she is likely to be someone who appreciates beauty, harmony, and symmetry in relationships.

On the other hand, if Saturn appears in the seventh house, he or she is likely to be seeking a structured, solid, and difficult relationship. Think of this as the astrological equivalent of a Finally, your guidance counselor is the tenth house, which governs your big ass career. This house is all about your vocation, your reputation in the world, and your public image. And if the Sun appears in your tenth house, you are meant to make bold and commanding choices; you’re a born leader destined for a big career in which you stand out.

Perhaps with Uranus here, you are meant to have a technological or novelistic career. It is as though your career is being read by horoscopes without needing a card deck. But let’s not kid ourselves. Don’t think I’m only dating artists and psychics because Neptune is in my seventh house. Nor do I need to become a writer or salesman because Mercury is in my tenth house.

These are all mere gravitational pressures. In the wheel, you pilot the boat. The astrological breeze would just adjust the sails.

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