Chinese Astrology 馃惣: A Modern Guide for Millennials & Zoomers

Chinese Astrology: A Modern Guide for Millennials & Zoomers

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Ever wondered why you're such a social butterfly? Maybe you're born in the Year of the Rabbit, making you a master at schmoozing. Our comprehensive guide pulls back the curtain on the 12 animal signs, each with its unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. We'll also explore how these signs can shape your life path, influence your relationships, and even guide your career choices. Talk about a zodiac upgrade.

Chinese Zodiac Signs and the Five Elements

The common Chinese Zodiac is a 12-year cycle. Each year and each animal sign are associated in order of their arrival, contributing to the age-old story. In short, the Jade Emperor summoned all animals to a race, and the first animals to reach him would be granted a year within the zodiac. The first champions to triumph in this cosmic athletic event were Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Equally important, five elements of Chinese astrology are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These elements rotate, with each one dominating for two years. So not only do you have an animal signal to contend with, but you also have an element to wrangle. And let me tell you, they do not exclusively exist for aesthetic purposes. This is exclusivity: each element is connected to a personality trait, and when combined with your animal sign, it is another layer in your zodiac profile.

For those who solve difficulties but want development and rebirth, the Wood aspect is perfect. It signifies strength and versatility, just like a tree that stands tall and flexible. If you鈥檙e a born leader with boundless enthusiasm who enjoys adventure and doesn鈥檛 mind taking chances, you have fire burning in your veins. Proceed with care; fire can be warm and destructive. If anything is out of place, the Earth is to blame. It鈥檚 like a grandma鈥檚 ancient and reliable radio.

According to Gerry Maguire Thompson and Shuen-Lian Hsaio in The Guide to Chinese Horoscopes, the early centuries of Chinese civilization saw no clear line between what we'd call astrology and astronomy. In those days, astrology was all about divining the fortunes of communities, states, and agricultural cycles. It wasn't until Buddhism arrived in China during the Han Dynasty (around 150 CE) that personal horoscopes became a thing. Thompson notes that Buddhism introduced the notion that individual destinies could be influenced by greater cosmic forces.

Image of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, a visual representation of the Chinese zodiac cycle


Birth years: Ends in 0 or 1  
Traits: "Solidity and willpower"


Birth years: Ends in 2 or 3  
Traits: "Responsiveness and persuasion"


Birth years: Ends in 4 or 5  
Traits: "Imagination and creativity"


Birth years: Ends in 6 or 7  
Traits: "Passion and bursts of dynamic energy"


Birth years: Ends in 8 or 9  
Traits: "Down-to-earth qualities that encourage focus and commitment to achieving goals."


Chinese concept zodiac Five Element Theory

The Relevance of Chinese Zodiac for Millennials & Zoomers

And you think, 鈥淚 am young, a millennial, romping around with tech, memes, and plant-based protein! Why should I be listening to Chinese old aunts yell about their chicken obsession?鈥 Here鈥檚 the thing, it鈥檚 not like that. The Chinese zodiac sign isn鈥檛 just about predicting the future, it鈥檚 a guide to discovering yourself and your inner workings. A mix of personality quiz and fortune telling, but in such an intricate way!

Wouldn鈥檛 you want to know why you鈥檙e an Ox ? 鈥淭he Ox is the second animal of the Chinese Zodiac and is characterized as hard-working and methodical. The Ox is always willing to put in the effort to meet inevitable challenges head-on鈥 ? Or, let鈥檚 go further, what about relationships between signs. Okay, maybe you think your ex is reading an astrology account.

But what about the new friend at your job? Ever questioned why you clash with the rabbit from the apartments over there? The Chinese horoscope is not just for china. alright or, like, in the business world! To have the upper paw on the corporate jungle, you have your animal鈥檚 strengths and weaknesses to work with. You鈥檝e been reading the . . . Hard-working rooster strengths and the impulsivity of your horse, your zodiac gives you something more.

And, as always, a sense of humor. When you find out your zodiac made you give away your last share of the pizza unconsciously. Then when you solve the combination half an hour after someone gave it to you, it鈥檚 okay to sigh a little.

The Chinese Zodiac Animals

Chinese Zodiac and Personality

Rat in the Chinese Zodiac (Resourceful and Versatile)

  • Birth years: 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032
  • Personality traits: Frugal, ambitious, honest, charming, talkative, critical
  • Most compatible with: Ox
  • Least compatible with: Horse


The rat is easygoing and quite well-liked for its polite and tender-hearted nature. They seem to care quite a bit about relationships and appearance and are surrounded by a strong sense of charm and affection. Even beneath this surface, rats are delicate and careful. People with a gentle nature are usually working well behind the scenes and do not like to bring attention to themselves, making them excellent team members. Rats are responsible, filled with patience, and kind to people. Rats are not afraid to express their feelings with friends and are always ready to keep their word. They are grateful people, especially to some extent parent who have a responsibility as caregivers for their early life.


The rat is too cautious and also under too much pressure. They are too conservative and too defensive. Rats may be very ambitious but tend to procrastinate before anything is done. They choose to relax when circumstances become harsh. They may be extremely sentimental, hiding their feelings from others. Additionally, if future financial security is not a priority, their spending habits can be dull, living in peace, and sometimes even uninteresting.

Love and Relationships

There seems to be a touch of mystery about most people who fall for a rat love affair. They consider it rational to take time for romantic trips. They often do so with a dedication that can show how much they love. Rats are quite caring and considerate, which is to say they treat their friends with respect and admiration. It鈥檚 almost easy to have feeling read their gentle, stylish path of kindness.

Rat person in the Chinese Zodiac


Constantly on the lookout for a great opportunity for the rat, for these rodents, have a sharp business acumen. They can sometimes find normal office jobs for the important ones that attract them. Assuming they work in their usual way, exactly how workers accept anything they do, they want to proceed. These are various hands; when the rat decides what the person wants to run, he uplifts every five years. Political and economic clairvoyance makes them great leaders.

Ox in the Chinese Zodiac (Reliable and Strong)

  • Birth years: 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033
  • Personality traits: Perseverant, patient, hardworking, reliable, patient, materialistic, stubborn 
  • Most compatible with: Rat
  • Least compatible with: Sheep


Even to people with the right perseverance, the ox can do that. They don鈥檛 make hasty choices. Before moving on, the argument to which the constant experience applies needs to go. First, it鈥檚 stable, but the circumstances and others don鈥檛 affect it. Then a firm belief and faith mean trust walking forward. They have a patient who helps them accomplish their goals by trusting the elements and body. They are models and compassionate buddies. It helps them enjoy the surroundings and complete assignments. They generally feel anxious and unwilling to work with their siblings and want their mothers adored. Individuals, mostly on every occasion, treat water just as it comes.

Ox person in the Chinese Zodiac


Oxen are inflexible and slow to alter their thoughts and consult with another group. The constant and steady course of the good causes it to occur. The traffic is continuous and sometimes due to average items that need further attention. Their constant prohibition from assignment feels calm and stress-free. Jealousy is frequent, and they strive to develop skepticism. They are thrilled to assist in learning, thriving, and financial freedom. Due to laziness, the heavy clues in the conversation, the terror of speech, reluctance, and clumsiness, individuals become resentful.

Love and Relationships

People falling for the Ox will not be caught off guard as they appear uninterested and aloof. They respect the people they love and enjoy their passions. The Oxen loves reciprocating their love and hoping to receive it in return, but relationships often suffer because one can be overly affectionate, and occasionally lack trust in a relationship.


Oxen鈥檚 careers are steadily advancing. Oxen are good at patience and willing to succeed in various aspects. It is excellent working as a dealer or a long-term provider for the same company. They are much less likely to make significant career changes. The employ, on the other hand, is likely to lead to a promotion with excellent pay. Other people aren鈥檛 envious of their job, but there鈥檚 a lot they can do to enhance it if they want to use their rage.

Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac (Daring and Confident)

  • Birth years: 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034
  • Personality traits: Courageous, candid, confident, adventurous, selfish, brave, magnetic
  • Most compatible with: Pig
  • Least compatible with: Monkey


They are fiercely determined. When you do finally get them to draw a conclusion, they are impossible to persuade against that. And they are true to those words almost all the time鈥 and usually not sorry about it. Born natural leaders and fighters, the Tiger is a powerful character full of authority and confidence. They are honest and say what they feel, gaining the trust of others very quickly. Because they can鈥檛 seem to tolerate that failure and in turn try harder. Their profound sense of fairness and justice leads to their helping others via first trying to fix any issues genuinely about them, in a warm sincere manner.

Tiger person in the Chinese Zodiac


We can also be a bit too quiet and not say anything at all ore overly talking about it. Tigers are either too quiet or overly talkative. We have a problem with their lack of teamwork, they are simply way too overconfident. This will lead to having an aggressive response when they do not approve their ideas. It can create frustration if they don鈥檛 get accomplishments quickly. Competitive to the point where they鈥檒l argue over anything. They are not romantic in relationships and due to their controlling nature, married life can be dull. They have too robust self-egoism, it is difficult to meet a real friend for such a person.


Tiger will bring energy and activity to work! These people are not afraid to take risks, proceed with untested ideas, or make up their mind on the spur of the moment. They aren鈥檛 afraid of authority, and would bluntly tell your face that you boss doods-up more often. But what truly demands is whether devotes to their career then they just long for success. Either way, the individual鈥檚 personality won鈥檛 be stable or consistent; they could peak early in life but not last very long. Tigers with their innate leadership will serve best as managers whether in politics or the business sector. This tends to make them more willing than most to keep working on top of someone else鈥檚 code in order to move forward.

Love and Relationships

Although they are tough from inside, but the tigers have a soft corner for love. They loved to be loved but can get hectoring or aggressive about it. Tiger men are adept at seducing their lovers and believe that they can do no wrong to them. The tiger woman with a clear distinction between right and wrong can seek excitement in danger, life is easy to live and boring at home. This sign values freedom and is known to be in charge of household situations.

Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac (Quiet and Elegant)

  • Birth years: 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035
  • Personality traits: Gentle, intelligent, loving, articulate, lucky, artistic, romantic, judgmental, timid, refined
  • Most compatible with: Dog
  • Least compatible with: Rooster


Rabbits are absolutely easy-going, polite, and tender-hearted. They wield a natural talent in dealing with relationships. Their ability to dress assists them to be in great reputation and has a positive impact leaves on others, which benefit from gaining more friends. While composed on the outside, these types are actually rather fragile and easily startled. Their mild manner of speech helps to not overshadow others, which makes them great team members. In contrast, rabbits are reliable, gentle, and amiable. With their friends, they are frank and honest and they also keep their promises. Grateful by their nature, believes in taking care of family and giving the best to it.


Rabbits can sometimes be too cautious and maintain an attitude of panicky nervousness about the world simply because they are worried. The only downside to the goat鈥檚 personality is their conservative and hesitant nature. They also have big dreams but some of them are too fearful to take the plunge. They tend to be escapists when confronted by unavoidable troubles. In relationships, their sentimental and sweet nature can be particularly difficult for others to figure out what they truly feel. At the same time, they like to spend without really thinking about it much鈥 so this keeps them on a life of peaceful but dull vibration.

Rabbit person in the Chinese Zodiac

Love and Relationships

You will notice that there is always an element of mystery involved, when we talk about Love and Relationships. They鈥檙e rational and prefer romantic settings. And in love, although sensitive and sentimental, they exert an air of tolerance & consideration. Courage and support were the keys to winning a Rabbit鈥檚 heart. The esprit, some money of insensibility and esthetical actress will help the girl to find really good spouse.


Rabbit: the entrepreneur with a business eye in its place! the truth is they aren鈥檛 opposed to usual office work, finding comfort in its stability. Being a highly responsible and devoted individual, they will give all of themselves to their work. When Rabbits do settle on a vocation, they will stick with it all their life; and learn more about it within five years than anyone else. They are also effective in the leadership of both the political and economic fields.

Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac (Energetic and Excitable)

  • Birth years: 2000, 2012, 2024, 2036
  • Personality traits: Strong, independent, fortunate, ambitious, temperamental, egocentric, impatient
  • Most compatible with: Rooster
  • Least compatible with: Dog


The strengths of a Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac are that they are natural leaders and full of knowledge, power, and capability. Many times others will simply follow their suit. As they relentlessly pursue their dreams, being adventurous at heart, they pursue their goals with all of their might. Their well-crafted eloquence and passion make anything they say almost ipso facto final. They have oceans of energy, giant chunks of luck, and boundless energy that they always ignore the clock. Due to their charming and captivating nature, they easily win the hearts of others.

Dragon person in the Chinese Zodiac


Dragons can sometimes come off as distracted or elusive. So I suppose their arrogance serves its purpose in keeping people at bay. In addition, it may also make them less hardworking as they will overly depend on their luck which can lead to failures in the future. Harsh critics, however, especially of subordinates, dragons are sometimes intolerant of the opinions of others. Not as often observed in successful dragons is their unwillingness to face failure and take setbacks 鈥 like anyone who lacks faith in themselves. Low tolerance of suffering and impatience is common.

Love and Relationships

A perfection-demanding idealist, dragons are capable of great love. They may appear to be more passive in their affections, but they are readers who give much more than they will ever receive. The bold disposition attracts many people, which may even cause some contradictions. They are attracted to partners who are elegant, intelligent, and understanding. But a bit more flattery will always win over a Dragon! Dragons also tend to marry at a mature age, only if they find the right person.

Statue of a dragon, a symbol of strength, power, and good luck in Chinese culture


Dragons can take advantage of their good luck to have a great career. Their natural leadership ability allows them to take on critical roles in the legal industry. They allow their energy to flow into work without depleting it. Though they can't sit in an office, they are very good businessmen. Dragons generally have no trouble advancing until the age of 35. Following that, they may face more difficulties, but continued persistence will help them achieve triumph.

Snake in the Chinese Zodiac (Thinkers)

  • Birth years: 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025
  • Personality traits: Ambitious, wise, intense, determined, possessive, calculating, jealous
  • Most compatible with: Monkey
  • Least compatible with: Pig


Snakes are commonly perceived as cold-hearted; however, true passion lies behind their sinister facade. That lovely and cultivated character, combined with their fine humor, makes it easy to talk with them, and they鈥檒l also keep you laughing. A Snake rarely loses his temper, as he will think carefully before acting. They are good at all the creative, intelligent work in addition to being extraordinary in the spiritual field. Their career strategy involves strong objectives and detailed plans, and they pursue every goal step by step. They are rational and calm even in the face of problems, with an innate talent to catch a good opportunity. Their decision-making and resolve are top-notch.


Snakes can be secretive and don't like to discuss weaknesses, leading to pent-up emotions. Thus, they are more likely to act in an underhanded way towards the partner's dislike. They may also be a little stingy and suspicious, which can drive people away. Their curiosity about other people鈥檚 personal stuff often ends up as gossip and rumor-spreading. Despite their myriad of ambitions, they can become lazy. Jealousy is another flaw; instead of observing and learning from those who are better, the Snake might just try to beat them out of envy.


Because the Career Snake is inherently a critical thinker, people born under this sign are usually better off choosing one of these three fields: history, art, and creativity. They are the kind of folks who take a challenge and strive to deal with it head-on. They possess a strong sense of responsibility and can manage all kinds of difficulties with grace. Their exceptional memory, combined with their ability to remember small details like a client's name and preference, enables them to offer lifelong support in their profession. Snakes are sharp and intelligent, easily identifying opportunities for success. They are often leaders or top executives in their respective industries but should proceed with caution when making investments.

Snake in the Chinese Zodiac

Love and Relationships

Male Snakes passionately seek lively relationships and always have many admirers around them. Their romantic, charming, trendy nature and quick understanding of what women want help them find partners easily. They may seem indifferent at first, but given enough time to get close and intimate, their passion becomes evident. However, their strictness with partners can be challenging. Female Snakes are frank and keep their word. They will be loyal to one man in life, but sometimes their possessiveness can be a turn-off for their partners. Allowing more personal space can significantly enhance their relationships.

Horse in the Chinese Zodiac (Warm-Hearted and Energetic)

  • Birth years: 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026
  • Personality traits: Energetic, free, popular, positive, impatient, irresponsible, moody, opportunistic
  • Most compatible with: Sheep
  • Least compatible with: Rat


Horse is very friendly and generous so one Horse will be able to do get many friends. The Chinese zodiac rabbit is fun to be around when she or he creates a fun, harmonious vibe at social gatherings. Independence One of the best qualities or trait in horses is independence. Horses can overcome any hurdle without anyone鈥檚 help; they will find their way out from barriers and difficulties. Their dynamic energy and drive can translate into impressive early career wins. 鈥淭hey are optimists, and they spread positivity:) to their friends and family.

On a side note, Male Horses are known to be romantic as this is their most preferred practice and they could always surprise many people in surprises. Eligible are those who are eloquent, persuasive in speech and natural leaders. Understanding the others鈥 minds gives them a facility to act according to circumstances.

Horse person in the Chinese zodiac


Horses love to spend, this makes it difficult for them to make savings Most of the time, they don鈥檛 anticipate what doesn鈥檛 commonly occur. they can hurt other鈥檚 feelings in the process by being a bit too blunt and forward about their opinions, also without meaning to of course. That鈥檚 why some Horses are known to be 鈥渂ad with secrets,鈥 which ends up hurting them & their business efforts. This lack of perseverance in our part makes us quit halfway and lead to nothing worthwhile that we wanted to achieve. A further issue is vanity as they are dressed up and regularly pretty vain about their looks.


Like horses, who are typically rebel and are the incomplete or domesticated-version of their adulthood always become big achievers by changing that eventually their destiny as well. Their love for making so many connections will automatically bring help to them when in need. Horse during all his professional mask endeavors does not miss the chance to evolve as an individual and nurture their success. This enables them to continuously learn and experience what allows them to continue maintaining & promoting their work or business.

Love and Relationships

Horse love freedom and do not like being constrained. They like to live and work far away from home so that they can achieve their goals themselves. Likewise, in romantic relationships, they are easily attracted and more involved. Horses become extremely sentimental and emotional when in love, even sometimes neglecting their family members or friends because of pursuing romance. On one end, happy times can offer extreme peaks; and on the other, a heartbreak may cause deep troughs.

Once settling down, a Horse鈥檚 personality doesn鈥檛 change. They are loyal and faithful beings for all of life in marriage if given the dose of freedom every once in while they so crave! They have all had relationships that did not live up to their romantic fantasies but they still remain loyalfamily'茅isanc茅iva's. Though they have a practical approach to relationships, for number 3鈥瞫 duty and work comes before that of romantic day dreams and thoughts. That鈥檚 why for the most part, their relationships tend to be solid and steady as a rock forever.

Goat / Sheep in the Chinese Zodiac (Gentle and Calm)

  • Birth years: 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027
  • Personality traits: Kind, patient, persuasive, gentle, timid, disorganized, impulsive lazy
  • Most compatible with: Horse
  • Least compatible with: Ox


If you were born with Chinese zodiac sheep sign, then Sheep try to fill the work done in time because he is very sincere and mild. They keep a low profile, not changing even once to the criticism of other people and just doing what they believe is right. What is particularly noteworthy about such individuals is their filiality to parents. They also make excellent partners because they are reliable, considerate, and prudent. Except, sheep are smart with their money and they don鈥檛 buy showy stuff or ridiculous purchases. They keep a nice amount of income saved up in the bank too!


The sheep also can be pessimistic; always waiting to her for the destiny. Signs who appreciate a little attention and flattery, this individual generally depends on the positive words from friends or their partner. Shy when it comes to love, they have trouble expressing their true feelings directly. In fact, because of their lack of will power they may often end up being prey to enticements and idleness.

Love and Relationships

Nature: Again, sheep are gentle and to some extent timid. They tend to rely on others to make most of their important decisions for them (in terms of where the best feeding may be obtained). This, in turn, can make their dating strategy more passive. Hence they are greatly appealing but also easily heartbroken because of their yearning for romance and spiritual connection. Rejection is not only heartbreaking, but it can be brutal for these souls in sensitive suits of armor. Fuck them though; they鈥檙e the most loyal and faithful upon finally finding love and attachment.

Sheep person in the Chinese Zodiac


Sheep demonstrate refinement and fairness, which can lead to them having successful careers in many different fields. And their creativity and artistic talent, particularly in music and other arts as well. They are inclined towards the profession which is the healthcare and charity work. And while they might be compatible with less anded colleagues, most improve their results when working together. Their constant ability to think smart and work harder makes them unique in this great world.

Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac

  • Birth years: 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028
  • Personality traits: Intelligent, influential, curious, passionate, easily discouraged
  • Most compatible with: Snake
  • Least compatible with: Tiger


Monkeys are blessed with amazing abilities and wisdom. In fact, monkeys often show off their talents at a young age. They have a sharp look out and only perspective which helps in their building. Their intuition and broad predicting skills often astonish others. Monkeys are also zealous and goal-oriented individuals who love acting on task. Who would you believe not even close to everything fascinating, daring all types of new stuff. Monkeys are known for their amicability and kindness; they often become popular well-liked, always in call to help others. You have a sunny disposition that brings everyone up around you.


But one thing you may notice about these lively and spirited monkeys is how utterly impatient they can be to get from here鈥 and they can be quite grumpy and unhappy when startled by the unexpected. But then again, their stubbornness can get in the way sometimes by making them not so keen on heeding other people鈥檚 advice which might be a little biased when it comes to many things. Such individuals can be imprudent who meet with modest success and in their complacency fail to plan for the long-term which could lead them astray on the path of success.

Love and Relationships

Monkeys are anything but withdrawn and have a natural penchant for making everyone they meet their biggest fan! These individuals are attracted to the honest, easy-going, kindhearted partner. Well, they think everything about this kind of relationship before deciding to settle, like if we get married in the future thought鈥r many children have they wanted? Six yep鈥nd what are their family Requirements(limit)? so indecisive.

Once Monkeys are committed to a relationship or marriage, we will be steadfast, and often making an effort to cater to your personal interests while focusing on you--how's that for the perfect mate? In return, they will expect loyalty and their conscientiousness also means that they are very good partners.


Monkeys are very versatile to their inexperienced shoppers as they do intelligent and intelligent employees in nearly abundant field. So, with the combination of their natural persuasiveness and great communication skills to an outstanding logical thinking ability鈥搕hey can gain approval from their bosses or fellows. However, the rats would rather have fun and quit jobs to march after a more exciting adventure. So energetic and inquisitive that they carry their good work through right till the end.

Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac

  • Birth years:  1993, 2005, 2017, 2029
  • Personality traits: Empathetic, creative, reliable, consistent, boastful, argumentative, boastful, self-involved
  • Most compatible with: Dragon
  • Least compatible with: Rabbit


There goes that deep thinking, brutally honest rooster. Because they are very bright, talkative, ambitious and competent; as well as warm-hearted people. Because they are so confident, Roosters are rarely dependent on other people. Though it should be noted that a lot of Roosters are already pretty good looking, and they know how to wear clothing. Quick thinking, sharp-tempered at times; hardworking and orderly. Their high energy and diligence mean they are unlikely to let others slow them down or tolerate sluggish behavior. And the reason is, they always stay on schedule too. They have a systematic mind and fixed routine! Roosters at work usually have a special idea and solutions so, they have huge chances of getting promoted in the initial phase.

Rooster person in the Chinese Zodiac


Although roosters can be quite passionate, it will quickly turn into something of the past just like how fast they do things. Sure, sometimes they鈥檙e a little kooky and challenging to connect with. Roosters, usually critical and are fully persuaded of their own argument; they would refuse other鈥檚 offers as friendly advice but rather restrict by lecturing. Like the fortunes, their emotions fluctuates drastically. Though, no one is perfect; all zodiac signs have their flaws. Even the Roosters, though they are honest and hardworking often selfish, moody to a fault, blunt enough as if wielding weapons and hasty or acting foolish. By laying aside their arrogance and learning to speak honestly, they could make big strides.

Love and Relationships

Roosters prefer simple, serene relationships based on love and marriage. The males can be very romantic and they tend to surprise their mates with these gifts They have their own ways to make romantic environment where they actually found real love. However they can also be possessive and jealous lovers, ever if it鈥檚 just a sneaking suspicion that their partner might betray them. While all of these challenges can be tough, most Roosters enjoy a blissfully happy and harmonious marriage. Their charming nature makes it so easy for them to get along with the rest of the family members.


Roosters are creative minded and have more ideas than other animals. They can contribute a lot of new ideas to their team. "You will find that they bring enthusiasm, identifying major veins making minor observations about behavior," he said. 鈥淚n their case, innate self-assuredness and entitlement enhance the efficient and high-quality completion of tasks.鈥 鈥淩oosters are intelligent & bold and they will quickly adapt to the new working capacity and challenges", said O'Shea. Hence they are able to tap into numerous golden chances of moving up or ahead in their career right from the start.

Dog in the Chinese Zodiac

  • Birth years: 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030
  • Personality traits: Loyal, honest, generous, playful, stubborn, unselfish, pessimistic, anxious, timid
  • Most compatible with: Rabbit
  • Least compatible with: Dragon


Those born under this sign tend to have a straightforward attitude. They are not only faithful, brave, skillful, wise, but also warm in their lives and careers. Dogs make good leaders since they've got the secret-keeping abilities and can instantly instill trust in someone. "If they fall in love, nothing more loyal." They are also equipped with a good level of stubbornness, which is handy to keep one鈥檚 feet firmly planted when it comes to disciplines or objectives.

Dog person in the Chinese Zodiac


Woman born with this signal are very attractive but long-lost emotional balance. In cases where a socially encoded dog, guests can really appear as though ice cold intellectually and genuinely, criticizing everything without exception, known for their sharp tongues. It may make them irritable and prone to a high level of unnecessary anxiety. Every now and then or in rare cases, they try to be sophomoric by not having enough practical experience with their so-called bold decisions are more likely to go theoretical mentality errors.

Love and Relationships

While Dogs may not always have the grandest of gestures when it comes to love, they are one of the most loyal bunches around. Their kindness, thoughtfulness, and trustworthiness give their partners a strong sense of security. But a Dog's sensitivity is also their greatest weakness 鈥 an unkind word or action by any person can wreak havoc on the sensitive disposition of manifest harmony in their lives. It is important not to betray this trust, because once it has been damaged, rebuilding it can be extremely challenging. They want no more than a regular cozy love life with just the right amount of space and distance to take things up a notch.


A lot of them have become natural theoreticians, and Career Dogs are very good at coming up with ideas and proposals. But they're always seemingly 10 steps ahead of themselves. On the contrary, they work best with very smart leaders who know how to translate their innovation into practical opportunity. Loyal workers, Dogs can struggle but still get the tasks done and on time. They gain the faith of their employers through leaving no stone unturned in getting what is needed to be done accomplished successfully. This reliability often results in promotions and steady incomes, especially during their formative years which last until mid-years.

Pig in the Chinese Zodiac

  • Birth years: 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031
  • Personality traits: Happy, generous, logical, loving, short-tempered, , fearful, impatient, materialistic
  • Most compatible with: Tiger
  • Least compatible with: Snake


Individuals born in the Year of the Pig have been likened to those with honesty and trustworthiness. They present themselves to be chivalrous and gallant with a calm demeanor but a firm internal strength. Pigs will be striving with all their might to fulfill all these desires. They are more tolerant, friendlier people with appropriately virtuous traits for those who befriend them to see the virtues of loyalty and other positive qualities. Even though they are quick-tempered, they don鈥檛 like to argue and pick quarrels. They often treat their dear people with loveability instead of fury impulse. Instead, they meet them head-on and resolve them slowly. 鈥淧igs are those which never intentionally lie to their friends, except in secret. When...! They are usually good sleepers and easy-going.


Pigs are probably too nice and naive. They may not be the sharpest tools in the shed but they still believe everyone is as honest. While the down-to-earth type may be fiercely loyal, they usually have few true friends. They have a hot temper, and their impulsivity can become an obstacle to communication. They may also have difficulty recognizing the limits while they are performing these pranks on someone.

Pig person in the Chinese Zodiac

Love and Relationships

They are suitable life partners. This in love zodiac sign is when it falls in love with someone; they are passionate and exciting, often capturing the heart of their lover with a variety of surprise gifts. Those who do score highly in this category are typically very good at picking up on their partner鈥檚 emotions whereas, at the same time, they鈥檙e attentive listeners that offer a shoulder to cry on once their partner is down or require a pep talk whenever something鈥檚 gone wrong. By using their virtues properly, pigs are able to help the partners get through bad days and provide good suggestions for career. They never force their opinion on someone and are always open-minded. Similarly, people with red auras don't get into controlling relationships as the aforementioned! Thus, they are supportive and considerate lovers.


Professional life Pig very calm and uncomplaining because each one is structured with an incredible amount of diligence. It鈥檚 this determination that allows them to chase their dreams with conviction. It鈥檚 a very positive personality that at the same time has a soothing influence on their colleagues and co-workers, thereby contributing to making their workplace more relaxed and comfortable. Pigs, on the other hand, probably don't do a great job at planning out their day in specifics that allow for laser-focused goal setting. They should plan their work with proper diligence and also think about others鈥 points of view rather than just jumping into any unknown decision.

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