How to Follow the Lunar Calendar: Waxing and Waning Moon

How to Follow the Lunar Calendar: Waxing and Waning Moon

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We don’t understand people who are afraid of the full moon. They claim that they start silly, allowing animal instincts to the surface. They reply that the full moon changes something, and the werewolves become. In general, it is foolish to say and do things that one might regret later. My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with the full moon. The full moon simply reveals who is who. We write a step-by-step instructions on how to live by the waxing and waning moon according to the Lunar calendar.

8 Major Phases of the Moon:

  • New Moon: Being sandwiched between Earth and the Sun, the New Moon hides in the Sun’s glare. It is the best time to plan and set new intentions. Think of it as a cosmic “control-alt-delete”, a fresh start!
  • Waxing Crescent: Now, the moon peeks out like a shy child, and reveals a brief sliver of its light. Waxing Crescent is your motivational coach: it is time to push those New Moon plans into action.
  • First Quarter: The moon is a half-eaten pizza. Visible halfway – a call to check in on your goals. If things are a little askew, no need to panic – it is just a cosmic reminder to make adjustments.
  • Waxing Gibbous: This phase is the lunar version of a power walk. The moon is more than half lit, and striding towards fullness. Waxing Gibbous is the “keep going, you’ve got this!” cheerleader of the lunar phases.
  • Full Moon: The star of the lunar show. Bold, bright and fully visible – the Full Moon illuminates our world and our inner selves. It is a time for revelation and culmination. It is also sometimes a time for a wee bit of madness – ever heard of a lunatic?
  • Waning Gibbous: The morning after the big party. The moon is more than half lit, but less than full. Reflect, give thanks, and maybe start the clean-up from your Full Moon party.
  • Third Quarter: Also known as Last Quarter, this phase is another half-lit pizza. However, the remaining slice is on the opposite side. Let go of what’s not working to focus on what is.
  • Waning Crescent: Closing act. Diminishing to a slender crescent, the moonlight reminds us half-lit and slender is a time for rest, reflect, and heal. And perhaps some preliminary work for the next New Moon.

Earth grins as moon hides behind, sun surprised. Astronaut on dark side misses cosmic game.

The Moon's Position in Relation to Earth and Sun

Earth and Sun’s position relative to the Moon: How are the phases determined. Have you ever played with a flashlight and a ball in a dark room? As you flash the light ball around, the glowing part of the ball varies…right? Well, the sun and the Earth are playing an enhanced version of your flashlight-ball with the moon! Look how:

  • New Moon – an escape: Just imagine: the Earth is hanging out while the moon is skipping right between it and the sun. The side of the moon exposed to the sun is completely illuminated, but we on the Earth are gazing at the backside. Star Wars is not as sinister, but we prepared the moon to vanish.
  • Crescent and Gibbous – moon is on the move: Although the moon circles the Earth, we can observe more of its sunlit portion.
  • Full Moon: Now, the Earth has stealthily slipped between the moon and the sun. We see the whole sunlit side of the moon.
  • Waning Gibbous to Crescent – The show dims: As the moon keeps sinking through its cycle, we can see less and less of its sunlit half; finally the moonlight dwindles to the end of the Waning Crescent.

Lunar Phases in Everyday Life

Have you ever noticed how some days you are on fire, ready to conquer the world, while on the others, you would prefer to stay in and watch Netflix with a bathtub of ice cream? Do not jump on your biorhythms or that third piece of pizza as the probable reasons just yet. It might be just the moon playing with you.

As noted before, during the waxing phase, it is like you have a cheerleader in the sky. You have more energy, motivation, and guts than before. Want to start a new project? Tie your shoes, and let’s go to the gym?

Crescent moon over a forest

Thank the waxing moon. In contrast, during the waning phase, the energy diminishes. It is an excellent time to relax, think about your life, and decide what is best for you. This is not laziness but the moon sending you some signs to relax.

And the full moon? It is, in fact, not only about werewolves being crazy. That week is exceptionally intuitive, and that is why you feel “more in”. Again, it’s not you; it’s the moon. Finally, the new moon is the reset button. It is a great time to start nearly every new project. The universe says, “I believe in you” during the new moon.

Third, the Lunar Influence on Specific Aspects of Your Life

So, the moon may seem to be Ross from “Friends” with his “pivot!” motto, only much more frequent and with real consequences. It’s not just a couch after all; it is your emotional world, physical energy, and even intuition.

So, when it comes to your relationships, the full moon phase turns you into Chandler with your emotional representation and more open heart-to-heart talks. It’s possible that you asked your partner to “Define The Relationship” under the full moon, remember?

As for your physical energy, the waxing moon is the true MVP. With its help, it is as if you have put on a suit of Tony Stark, something that will make you want to conquer the world. Are you planning a training session or a marathon soon? The moon will help you.

It can also destabilize your intuition, but only for good. Thus, your intuition under the new moon will be compared to Sherlock Holmes. Your flop and your gut will be your source of creativity. This is a great time for reflection.

Source your creativity and energy. So, during the waxing crescent phase, the energy: Phoebe is you. You seem to play the guitar, use strange words, and create weird, playful tunes.

Phoebe Buffay's quirky workout: tiny moon weights, big muscles

How the Lunar Cycle Influences Sleep and Dreams

Research discovered some stunning connections between the moon and sleeping. A full moon enhances the nocturnal rave of an unseen DJ. You get less rest, and it may take you longer to fall asleep. And it has nothing to do with the fact that the moonlight is glinting through your window. Even the outcomes of a blindfold test demonstrated the identical trend.

And there’s the waxing gibbous, where you’re essentially a sleeping beauty with no evil curse. Drifting off or remaining asleep is easier. It’s not a sure bet, but simply a helpful nudge from our lunar buddy.

Sleepy artist with paintbrush walks on tiptoe towards colorful dream landscape painting.

As far as dreams go, the full moon plays at least a part role in this storyline. You wake up from a dream, and it seems so real you’d swear it happened? This is the part of the lunar cycle most likely to occur in the middle of the night, so thank the dreamland’s Steven Spielberg.

The Moon and Your Mood: The Psychological Link

One’s psychological state may well be linked to the moon. Some research indicates that epileptic outbursts, abductions, admissions to clinics, or other crime spikes occur at the full Moon – but hey, correlation is not causation! However, with the full Moon on the horizon, it might help explain some comparatively… obscure-looking tickets!

Woman sitting in front of a full moon, a photo that illustrates the psychological connection between the moon and our moods.

Conversely, at this new Moon step, one may feel somewhat more secluded than usual. Everything the Moon is trying to tell you may be, “Hey, it’s okay to Netflix and chill out by yourself tonight.” Meanwhile, throughout the final half of waxing and the whole of waning, you become Goldilocks, where everything appears “just perfect.” Not as pulsating as the full Moon, not as withdrawn as the new Moon, but perfectly equilibrated in terms of mood.

Lunar Calendar

A lunar calendar is an easy way to catch up with cosmic rhythm. Just imagine: you put all your brainstorming sessions on the waxing moon, your time of surging energy and almost limitless creativity, and when the waning moon comes, it is an ultimate sign to unwind, do a recap and move on. Basically, it is the universe giving you a tap on a shoulder: a gentle reminder to chill out and think about what’s already been done.

However, using a lunar calendar is not only about being productive. Want to practice planting based on how farmers did it centuries ago? The lunar calendar is your best aid. Remember the sleeping patterns we discussed earlier? You can observe them in connection to lunar phases.

Moon Bathing, Meditation and Journaling

Want to answer the call of the lunar signal and leap out of your bed’s roof like a cosmic Batman? Excellent! Here are the three main practices: moon bathing, meditation, and journaling.

Firstly, moon bathing. It’s almost the same as sunbathing, but with no need for sunscreen. Just grab a blanket and lay under the moonlit sky, opening your heart to accept its energy. A turbo-charged power bank: full moon bathing. And who knows, maybe you’ll even get a few superpowers – now I won’t judge you unless I see you glowing in the dark.

woman bathed in moonlight, meditating beneath a tree

Secondly, moon meditation. It can be done as an add-on to moon bathing or as a standalone. Depending on the moon’s phase, you can coordinate meditation in order to inhale or exhale the specific energy flow. Feeling slow? Meditate during a waxing moon to get a boost of its invigorating power, battery charger style. Need to eliminate the toxic? Use the waning moon. And don’t worry if you think that you don’t know what to do – just breathe, concentrate and let the moon flow its way naturally.

Finally, a kind of lunar journaling. Record your feelings, tasks, and experiences, and before you even notice, you will see a pattern and see how pink skully the moon’s orbit affects you deeply.

Practice With the New Moon: Intention-Setting

Now you are all set to make the most out of this lunar phase. Here is a little guidance for you to utilize.

Cat disrupts meditation in Zen zone, spilling tea on meditating figure.

  1. First, find your Zen Zone Anywhere where you feel most comfortable and calm; light some candles, incense sticks, play some relaxing songs, or enjoy the quiet. It is not about how beautiful your Zen Zone is, it is about how it makes you feel.
  2. Reflect and regroup But before making any plans for your future. Take a few seconds to reflect on the past month. What worked out well? What felt like wearing socks on the beach? Here you don’t have to use harsh words or doubt yourself. Instead, look with a learning eye and make adjustments.
  3. Make bold and clear intentions The enjoyable part. What do you want to be brought into your life in the next month? Make it clear and specific. Be it releasing a podcast or purchasing a piano, your intentions must be specific, realistic, and enjoyable old time.
  4. Visualize and believe Then close your eyes and visualize your made intentions coming real; consider vividly how the outcomes of this manifestation affect your life. That’s the gasoline you have for your drive—a note: beliefs are not full possibilities. It’s an ‘I can do it!’ perspective.
  5. Release your intentions Let them go into the universe with strong faith.

Science Vs. Folklore: What do they say on lunar influence?

When it comes to human nature – that “you’re being a jerk because the moon’s frowning!” debate, most studies affirm. Put differently, that classic about full moons leading to full — or should I say foul? — moons is nothing more than a myth. Still, science isn’t everything.

On the other hand, there’s folklore. You know, all of that accumulated human experience passed from generation to generation. It says that both the new and full moon has an impact on our universe. I’m not talking about werewolves and vampires here – many cultures believe that a new moon is the best time to set goals, while the full moon is for letting go and forgiving. Oh, and what about agriculture? Well, you might wanna google biodynamic farming, a practice that refers to lunar cycles when it comes to planting and harvesting. Science doesn’t approve, yet many farmers swear by it.

Conclusion, after all, who knows? Maybe it’s a placebo. But if moon vibes make you feel more in sync with yourself and the universe, who are we – or rather, science – to prove you wrong?

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