Next 🗽 US President In 2024 by Astrology: What Do Top Astrologers Think? Biden Or Trump?

Next 🗽 US President In 2024 by Astrology: What Do Top Astrologers Think? Biden Or Trump?

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The US presidential election of 2024 is under scrutiny not only by the world media, but also by astrologers. PythiaGuru has familiarized itself with the most authoritative opinions regarding predictions about the next US president. At the time of writing, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are considered the main candidates for the post. Remember that these are only astrologers' observations, and the final choice is up to you.

The AstroTwins, Tali and Ophi, columnists for Elle, offering their celestial insights.

  • Historical Echoes and Future Shifts: The AstroTwins reflect on Pluto's historical journey through Capricorn, linking it to pivotal electoral moments and governance shifts. As Pluto prepares to conclude its Capricorn chapter — a cycle not to recur in our lifetimes — the anticipation of its impact looms large, especially concerning reproductive rights and potential reforms in the Supreme Court's structure.
  • Dawn of the Age of Aquarius: Designating 2024 as the start of the Age of Aquarius, the age blends the familiar and the novel. Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius initiates a twenty-year period of change, pushing us to balance the morals of yesteryear with the assurances of tomorrow..
  • Impact of A.I.: Tali rightly fears that with A.I., “The election could be a swirling mass of chaos.” As Pluto progresses into Aquarius, we project that digital manipulation through elections could go beyond prior scandals, as previously election meddling becomes perhaps viewed as infantile. The influence of high-profile contributors will continue, and with Pluto’s retrograde into Capricorn from September to November, “the power structures will maintain power.”


Astrowow astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan has favored a Biden-Trump rematch for the 2024 U.S. presidential election

Joe Biden's Astrological Path

For Biden, Saturn’s transit near his Imum Coeli meant the nation would be hesitant about having an 82-year-old in charge. Nevertheless, signs in his chart after the elections were more positive, following the progress of Venus’ trine to his Natal Mars, and progressed Ascendant to a position on the U.S. Moon, square natal Venus, pointing to a better outcome for him.

Joe Biden ride chariot on NASCAR stadium

Uranus opposed Biden’s Sun-Venus in the months leading up to the election, which is associated with a frenzied campaign. Though typically anxiety-provoking, this passage is one of the signs that he is a probable Democratic candidate influencing media and multiple campaigns across the country. Towards the end of 2025, Biden’s progressed Ascendant entered Pisces. His lifestyle might be disrupted by an unexpected illness or event should he is re-elected president.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump as animated characters in the Oval Office at the White House. Joe Biden, Donald Trump cartoon characters in the Oval Office at the White House. Illustration created by PythiaGuru with the help of DALL-E AI.

Donald Trump and MAGA

Trump’s chart was said to be a divisive one, with many supporting him. His progressed Ascendant entered Scorpio, symbolizing a difficult few years, with legal conflicts dominating. During the campaign, progressed Venus was square to Saturn, and the Moon and Saturn were square to his Ascendant. However, Uranus on Trump’s Midheave in 2024 lifted any issue of becoming the nominee away from him and could be a sign that he impacts the 2024 election outcome.

The Election Day Chart - November 5, 2024

Astrologers develop a “rulership chart” for Election Day. Its Venus opposite Jupiter fits Trump’s chart’s Sun-Moon opposition. The ruler chart when the pole opens has the Sun in Scorpio on the Ascendant. The incumbents are typically favored, pointing to Biden. However, Uranus is 7th square to Mc-ic indicates potential disruptive influence, perhaps from Trump.

Beyond the Election

The 2024 election aftermath signals the period has begun for changing America and the globe. A Saturn-Neptune conjunction, Uranus into Gemini, and Pluto on China’s Moon and Ascendant appear to be altering governance, economic stability, and technology to generate significant adjustments and innovation.


In the astrological account of the next US President, well-regarded astrologer for Elle, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar Jessica Adams turns to the astrological nuances that would reverberate over the identity of the next U.S. President by November 2024.

The Economic Landscape As A Battlefield

Arguing that “it’s not the personalities of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or their possible Republican opponents” that decides the 2024 election. Rather, she states, “the battleground itself is the economy,” with the ascendant in Taurus and the Descendant in Scorpio. In other words, the real battle for U.S. voters takes place on the economic landscape. Cupid at 14 Gemini indicates a focus on technology, international relations, particularly with Canada, and the automotive and public transport sector. The next U.S. President would thus enjoy a positive relationship with the democrat, and the sectors recommend there would benefit under his administration.

Tarot's Insight: The Knight Of Coins

Seeking tarot guidance from the Smith-Waite tarot, Adams details the Knight of Coins as a figure of the future President, trine Taurus and Scorpio, and Gemini. Adams concludes that a future president would be especially interested in financial investments, such as agriculture and construction projects. The indication of the IPad is what makes the president tech-savvy. Decoding the knight of coins, the American astrologer offers more data, such as the features of Sagittarius or Scorpio— the zodiac signs of the next president.

Tarot card: The Knight of Coins (US)

The Fall Of Donald Trump

Following past predictions, Adams recounts her prediction of Donald Trump’s political fall, and the relevantness of the American astrological chart to political history with the ingress of politics. Here, Venus in Scorpio and Juno conjunct almost at the U.S. inauguration on January 20, 2025. The adjunction between Venus and Juno indicates economics, finances and In other words, economic plans start on the U.S. Inauguration Day.

Juno's Symbolism In The Election Astrology

The presence of Juno indicates a financial sale, something similar to the New Deal under Franklin Roosevelt. In other words, the deal would be an economic agreement under the Trump administration with partnership with Canada, one of the richest and secured political nations.

Gemini and ChatGPT About Predictions For The 2024 US Election

We asked two of the most advanced AI’s what they think about chances of winning the US presidential election. 

ChatGPT: Both candidates show strong astrological influences that could sway public opinion and campaign dynamics. Biden's transits suggest a campaign that could effectively communicate empathy and decisive action but may need to navigate potential misunderstandings or miscommunications. Trump's transits indicate a dynamic and assertive campaign that must balance strong public engagement with challenges related to clarity and perception.

The outcome will likely hinge on how each candidate navigates their respective challenges and capitalizes on their strengths. Astrologically speaking, both have significant opportunities and obstacles, making the race potentially very close. The individual and collective choices leading up to the election will play a crucial role in determining the final result. 

For ease of reading, the screenshot GPT has been slightly shortened.

We ask ChatGPT about his prediction for the 2024 US elections

Google at the end of February 2024 has limited interaction with its AI assistant Gemini as much as possible. It refuses to give an answer: I'm still learning how to answer this question. In the meantime, try Google Search.

We ask Google Gemini about predictions for the 2024 US elections


Kaitlyn Maura from delves deep into the celestial dynamics that may influence Joe Biden’s campaign in the 2024 U.S. presidential election, offering a nuanced astrological perspective.

Joe Biden: A Celestial Snapshot

Sagittarius Rising Joe Biden’s ever-candid affability, sometimes overshadowed by gaffes, is underscored by his Sagittarius rising. Jupiter, in exaltation in Cancer, indicates a fortunate outlook of protectiveness toward the vulnerable, cemented by the grounding influence of a loyal and stable Taurus Moon. However, a Scorpio stellium, including the Sun, indicates a private, often powerful influence, fitting the drama of his ascent in American politics.

In his 81st year, Biden is in a Virgo-ruling, 10th-house profection year, highlighting his career, and public persona, with themes of secrecy and possible undermining, tied back to his 12th-house Mercury-conjunct-Sun/Mars.

Biden’s Solar Return Ascendant in Leo indicates a leadership-focused year filled with visibility but also strong 4th house emphasis, with Jupiter and Uranium near the Taurus MC, with potential changes in his public role; however, harmonious Venus in Libra suggests a strong appeal, especially to the young.

The Moon highlights relational themes or generalized stress on relation dynamics, especially personal and professional partners and its role in his election in 2024 on Election Day.

Perspectives On Election Day

As election day approaches, astrological patterns highlight the slowing of bureaucratic processes and a planetary retrograde alignment that reveals the weaknesses of our political idols. Traditional astrology suggests that the Mars move to Leo will enhance discord between figures and audience members.

Biden’s Astrological Forecast For Election Day

In Biden’s personal forecast, the Venus-Moon conjunction in the 1st house suggests excellent communication abilities and public approval. However, challenging aspects of Mars and Uranus suggest ideological clashes that can decide the election’s outcome. 

A virtual arm wrestling match between Joe Biden and Donald Trump A virtual arm wrestling match between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Image generated by PythiaGuru.

Stefan Stenudd, a Swedish astrologer, gives his astrological analysis in a Donald Trump or Joe Biden victory, including the party conventions, the election itself, the Electoral College vote, and the inauguration. Stenoudd says Trump is likely to succeed in the race for the Republican nomination and could win the presidential election - as indicated by astrological transits. Stenoudd interprets these transitions as both candidates have already “won” on their journeys - Trump will probably continue his political career, while Biden may find relief in retirement. And here's how Stefan Stenudd arrived at that conclusion: 

  • Donald Trump at the Republican Convention should occur on July 15-18. The stars do not predict anything exceptional for Trump. On the one hand, it is the reason he will be nominated with little or no trouble. On the other hand, there are disagreements and even some reconsiderations in his camp. Trump could revert the scenario so, it means there could be one. At present, his opinion-poll numbers soar. That also helps him there.
  • Joe Biden at the Democratic Convention. Oddly, the Democratic Convention which takes place between August 19 and August 22 looks like a mixed bag of stellar combinations for Biden. He might have a realization about retiring from the presidency, especially given other significant events in other astrological spheres providing a clue that he should stop working and concentrate on his personal life. It seems like he’s going to perceive his eviction from the presidency as a personal victory.
  • Presidential Election, November 5, 2024. Of course, the election days themselves are not the end of drama, as the Electoral College may still change the decision. For Trump, the stars show a strong and public position, and he might feel like a winner, even though the vote will not be overwhelming. For Biden, this day is a mixture of success and failure, although personal well-being and distance from his duties are already clear. Hence, he does not seem to take part in the further fight.
  • Electoral College December 17, 2024 – it is likely to confirm the new or continuing presidency. Trump’s astrological signs will continue to assist his public status, but it decreases in power. In the case of the loss, the situation with Biden clarifies as critical for personal development refers to a good life. If the president, positive changes are destiny.
  • Inauguration January 20, 2025 – Trump has strong planetary aspects on an inauguration day. The stars of Biden’s presidency apparently show a significant change in a good adaption since a critical for personal development reaches a good life.

So What Does it Mean To You? Both candidates are talking about more than the Presidential election, as it approaches its climax. Trump is ready to be restored by cosmic forces, and Joe can retire to his glass in peace.



Pythia.Guru will update the article as the U.S. election race develops.

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