Analysis of Nicholas Hoult’s Astrological Chart ♐︎. Birth Data & Horoscope Astrological Portrait

Analysis of Nicholas Hoult’s Astrological Chart ♐︎. Birth Data & Horoscope Astrological Portrait

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Nicholas Caradoc Hoult (born on December 7, 1989 in Wokingham, England, United Kingdom) is an British actor. First attracted attention as a child actor in the movie “About a Boy”, also known for roles:

  • Hank McCoy / Beast in the X-Men series: First Class (2011) and Dark Phoenix (2019).
  • Nux in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
  • Tony Stonem in the British teen-drama series Skins (2007): This role earned him recognition early in his career.
  • The Favourite (2018), The Menu (2022), and the recent Nosferatu (2024).

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Astrology Birth Chart Nicholas Hoult

Major Aspects for Nicholas Hoult

  • □ Moon Square Uranus orb: 0 °
  • □ Moon Square Jupiter orb: 4 °
  • □ Moon Square Mercury orb: 5 °
  • □ Moon Square Neptune orb: 7 °
  • □ Pluto Square North Node orb: 3 °
  • □ Mars Square North Node orb: 3 °
  • ⚹ Saturn Sextile Pluto orb: 4 °
  • ⚹ Sun Sextile North Node orb: 4 °
  • ⚹ Venus Sextile Mars orb: 6 °
  • ⚹ Moon Sextile Venus orb: 6 °
  • ☍ Saturn Opposition Chiron orb: 3 °
  • ☍ Jupiter Opposition Neptune orb: 3 °
  • ☍ Jupiter Opposition Saturn orb: 4 °
  • ☌ Mercury Conjunction Uranus orb: 5 °
  • ☌ Mars Conjunction Pluto orb: 6 °
  • ☍ Neptune Opposition Chiron orb: 4 °
  • ☍ Jupiter Opposition Uranus orb: 4 °
  • ☌ Saturn Conjunction Neptune orb: 1 °
  • △ Mars Trine Chiron orb: 7 °
  • ☌ Jupiter Conjunction Chiron orb: 7 °
  • △ Pluto Trine Chiron orb: 1 °
  • △ Jupiter Trine Pluto orb: 8 °

Planet Positions, Signs and Houses for Nicholas Hoult (Placidus System)

  • ☉ Sun in 15° 22' Sagittarius (9th House)
  • AS Ascendant in 27° 5' Aquarius (1st House)
  • MC Midheaven in 16° 34' Sagittarius (10th House)
  • DS Descendant in 27° 5' Leo (7th House)
  • ⚵ Juno in 6° 34' Scorpio (8th House)
  • ♂ Mars in 22° 36' Scorpio (8th House)
  • ☽ Moon in 4° 1' Aries (1st House)
  • ⚳ Ceres (R) in 1° 17' Cancer (4th House)
  • ♇ Pluto in 16° 17' Scorpio (8th House)
  • ♀ Venus in 28° 16' Capricorn (12th House)
  • ⚶ Vesta in 5° 35' Aquarius (12th House)
  • ⚷ Chiron (R) in 15° 24' Cancer (5th House)
  • ⚴ Pallas in 27° 38' Pisces (1st House)
  • φ Pholus (R) in 27° 18' Gemini (4th House)
  • ♄ Saturn in 12° 47' Capricorn (11th House)
  • ♅ Uranus in 4° 18' Capricorn (11th House)
  • Vx Vertex in 18° 11' Virgo (7th House)
  • ♃ Jupiter (R) in 8° 24' Cancer (5th House)
  • ☿ Mercury in 29° 51' Sagittarius (10th House)
  • ♆ Neptune in 11° 7' Capricorn (11th House)
  • IC Imum Coeli in 16° 34' Gemini (4th House)
  • ☊ North Node (R) in 18° 44' Aquarius (12th House)
  • ☋ South Node (R) in 18° 44' Leo (6th House)
  • X Part of Fortune in 15° 44' Gemini (3rd House)
  • ⚸ Black Moon Lilith in 3° 40' Scorpio (8th House)
  • W White Moon Selena in 24° 25' Gemini (4th House)

Personality Nicholas Hoult - Main Characteristics

  • Amiable Nature and Leadership Tendencies: You’ve got that magnet in you! People are pulled towards you like a herd stumped towards an oasis in the desert primarily because you’ve a friendly stance towards them. You light the room up like a summer’s day and light fires under people’s backs with your towering vision of a visionary leadership. Whether you are conquering an Everest of a project or just about to marshal a team, you’re the maestro of the orchestra of efforts towards beautiful symphonic music.
  • Sensitivity and Empathy: It’s like you are Soothsayer from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, but not with royal cosmic soothsaying skills. Rather you are like a soothsayer of feelings – birthday’s wishes, condolence post’s pithiness, or raincheck recalls. You make a great pal, a staggering empathetic personality destined to lend an organic shoulder.
  • Dominant Personality and Goal-Oriented Drive: Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God! You’ve the nuts to it, mate! No fear, all thunder and lightening. Go blazing past Everest without a Godmother touch to your contours to prove a point but just because your inner compass is wishing “Let’s conquer!” Ruffle some feathers, maybe shake things up a tad. Where it’s done is how it makes a difference.
  • Independence and Self-Reliance: “Go it alone” is your motto. Not much do corporate rats inspire you. Call yourself an independent superwoman? “Call me queen” would be your defiant answer. Let’s not stretch the matter here. Every Batman needs a Robin. An Alfred. A paddle cushion side-guy. maybe? One notification a day can pave in better futures!
  • Impulsivity and Lack of Planning: You’re a walking shooting star and tell the world to watch and learn from your blazing trail – but, in this scenario, let them blink, and boom! You’re gone. A bolt of light, and you’re away, doing a dramatic wink, but missed your straight arrow’s bullseye. Assist your shooting star is a Galaxy and know what you’re doing.
  • Contentment and Curiosity to New Experiences. It never ceases to amaze me how your mind works like a sponge, quickly absorbing ideas, experiences, and information. You never seem to tire of reading a book, suggesting an adventure, learning a concept, or participating in any workshop. Your eagerness and exuberance to explore keep life interesting while also contributing to the enchanting puzzle of personal growth.

Revelation and Affirmation

  • Kindness and Respect: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” You must work on cultivating compassion daily. Truly listen and connect with the stories that present us to each other, for it is our tale woven with another than anyone can create.
  • Dream Big: Stop when you hit the home run.” Let your passion flow freely. Turn every big dream and aspiration into digital steps that propel you forward continuously. Live today as yesterday is preparing you to fulfill all your tomorrows.
  • Unity and Independence: “Becoming is better with many; unity is better with everyone.” Yes, autonomy is a blessing, but teamwork will never be underrated. The world is brimming with ideas that can complement your own.
  • Reflective Thinking and Preparing: I appreciate the frills of spontaneity as much as I do, but being a compass is often necessary rather than behaving hastily in pursuit of pleasure. Whether you allow yourself this deliberation rather than another quick reaction.
  • Passionate Curiosity: “Stay curious, my friends.” Do you want to get more out of your curiosity? You are pushing your knowledge-seeking spirit to the brim. This isn’t just about success; it’s also exciting.

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