Travel Like Your Zodiac Sign Meant You To. Where, When, and With Whom Should I Travel?

Travel Like Your Zodiac Sign Meant You To. Where, When, and With Whom Should I Travel?

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Whether you’re a sentimental, visionary Pisces dreaming of the sea or a Sagittarius who loves to explore the world in search of wisdom and excitement, it is possible that you could have an even greater time when booking holidays based on your astrological sun sign. Your sun sign is determined by the hour you were born, and many believe that the time of birth is crucial in shaping who you are. Thus, picking the right holiday partner might also be challenging. How can you get someone whom you like and have the same interests and views on what makes a vacation great? Susan Miller, a renowned astrologer who travels regularly, believes all these questions might be answered by knowing your zodiac sign.

As Alice Bell, the Astrologer for British Vogue, put it, the simplest method to determine the ideal journey for you is to pay attention to your sun sign’s element. “Fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are out for anything adventurous,” Bell explains. “Water signs, which are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, are seeking calming trips that allow them to unwind, become grounded and in touch with their inherent desire for mysticism near the water.” Similarly, air signs, which are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, are most entertained with a sprinkle of creative stimulus and may do whatever comes to mind, whereas earth signs, which are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are all about planned sabbaticals that are complete with both structure and emphasis. The sooner they may prepare and schedule their journey, the better.

One way to experiment with your travels, according to Jenn Kosh, a life coach and astrologist, is to lean into the archetypes of your sign. “Each zodiac sign has a set of archetypes – potent inner drivers that can also explain our different character traits, fears, and desires, as well as our flavor and passion,” Kosh explains. “They’re the driving principles why we’re attracted to a certain area or vacation style and why we feel repelled by it.” You should start by learning about the archetypes of your sun sign and see which of them excite you the most.

When to Go?

According to Traveler Lauren Ash, a professional astrologer, “Regardless of their horoscope, a planned vacation will save you from additional stress”.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius Since hot climates are a plus, fire signs will feel the heat on summer or late-spring trips. But, as they like to go where life takes them, they’re less limited by weather than some other signs. According to Ash, “part of the thrill for fire signs is the unknown.” If the forecast calls for rain, fire signs will have no problem putting on a poncho and going along on their daily adventures.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn Earth signs are all about prep. They don’t want any surprises. According to Ash, earth signs “Want the high season so they can get the prime weather in their destination” even if it means that it will be busier.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces In the summer, water signs may take full advantage of waterside activities and outdoor cafés.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius May stand the cold and may stand the heat; should not be limited to any season or climate.

Aries: Where Should Go?

Among all of the fire signs, Aries are likely the most fun due to their immaculately reckless character. They are the athlete, the adventurer, and the warrior archetypes and are always looking for an excuse to race ahead. It’s probable the most challenging sign to hold down for long – Aries are always looking to strike against what’s in their way.

Two girlfriends are traveling on a train

They do not have as much time to sit around considering where to go – most likely, they’re going to do something on a whim and book a flight the day before. A passionate soul, an Aries should choose a travel plan where they can have an adventurous and more action-filled time such as hiking through Tanzania and climbing the highest peak of Kilimanjaro, where an action-packed hike and an enjoyable safari to view the Big Five in Maasai Mara could be enjoyed as post-hike. They would thrive on a solo trip to the Big Island of Hawaii to engage with the brave in an Iron Man competition.

Based on fire personality, here are more suggestions:

  • Southeast Asia backpacking: best for adventure, enjoy a variety of new cultures. Visit the crowded streets of Bangkok, to the tranquil atmosphere of Angkor, for a million adventures.
  • Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting: most thrilling, organized and conquered the absolute grasp of the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon of the United States. Experience its intense rapids over a series of days, attempting to exact the daring while also captivated by the beauty.
  • Air skydiving over New Zealand: Represented specifically by excitement-seeking Aries, the zodiac will indeed find someone who leaps directly out of an airplane during freefall time over New Zealand among its most unforgettable travel Itinerary.

Who Should You Travel With? You are fiercely self-sufficient, not well-known to be work well with others, and relish an intense one-on-one connection. That is why you will want a special friend or family member. You energetically jive with Leo, another high-energy, bold sign. You desire the necessities, and Leo loves luxury, so it should balance fairly well.


While all earth signs enjoy structure and purpose, Tauruses are bulls by nature and perhaps the most stubborn, orderly sign of the astrological zodiac. Taurus archetypes are the artist, the gourmand, and the gardener. They value things that stay the same and respond well to consistent routines. They treasure security and prefer to stay close to home, but travel sends them to climates within the arts and a healthy serving of earthly pleasure. Ideal travel location would be a gourmand quest through Provence that concludes in Paris. Both restaurants are near the Seine, within a quick stroll to my next destination: the Louvre.

Taurus cows relaxing in a luxurious all-inclusive resort near pool

Here are some travel recommendations for Taurus to include more beauty, indulgence, and routine:

  • Wine Tasting in Tuscany – Tuscany is known for its fresh groves, historical villages, and world-famous vineyards. A Taurus can stay in a luxury villa and spend days sipping unique chianti and sampling brie with their mornings and afternoons adventure between Florence’s rich art world.
  • Spa retreat to Switzerland – A spa retreat in Switzerland will provide you with breathtaking mountain scenery and a blend of relaxation and indulgence. Taurus will relax and pamper the body with luxury remedies, have its gourmet food, and breathe the mountain’s fresh air.
  • Morocco’s cultural and culinary festivals – Taurus will enjoy the impressive architectures, dynamic acropolis, and incredible history of old Morocco. Taurus will eat delicious tagines, spend hours in buzzing souks, and go to a Moroccan spa or Hammam.

Which star signs are traveling buddies? You can travel with a Pisces sign if you want your trip to last long.


Geminis are the chillest sign in the zodiac, and they can adapt to virtually anything with ease: flight cancellations, a day’s notice of plans changing seamlessly, or a spontaneous getaway. With archetypes of the communicator, muse, and networker, Geminis’ biggest fear is to be alone. Therefore, they’re often found in groups and merely mutables to almost any given plan, whether it be a chilled April retreat or a seriously busy one.

However, Geminis also tend to be intellectuals and party-seekers — most people describe them as charming jokesters, after all — so a perfect journey for them would be one where they can learn something new through the day while making friends with outgoing strangers throughout the night. It could be Summit at Sea just like Miami, where the focus is on wisdom and variety, or perhaps a Burning Man-style desert rave, where they can select what journey to take each morning based on how they feel.

Gemini woman wanders the desert at Burning Man

Some travel recommendations include:

  • Island Hopping in Greece. Geminis vibe with this state of switching picturesque Greek islands, all of which have different tales and atmosphere, discover ancient ruins, lie on clear beaches — the lot.
  • Historical and Culinary Tour of Vietnam. It is a mental journey designed for Geminis: they could discover Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding cities in a rush or cruise Ha Long Bay in peace. Then they can enjoy the best of Vietnamese dishes, from snacks with native meals to fresh herbs.
  • Language and Cultural Immersion in Costa Rica. Cross the language boundary in Costa Rica. Given the pleasant people, joyful food, and awesome palm tricolor, they’ll actually want to understand Spanish and make new friends in the nation.
  • European City Break With A Friend. Geminis are constantly packed to the brim with data while also having a good time. A 5-day town break is enough to see museums, attend the evenings at bars that serve free snacks at an adjusted price, dive into the Western coast, and teach a driving class.

Who Do You Travel With? Gemini is the sign of siblings, so go with your brothers or sisters or book yourself into a group tour to make new pals. You’re also taking a trip with Sagittarius, which is intellectual, philosophical, and energetic too. Furthermore, Gemini’s air makes Sagittarius’ fire brighter.


Cancers, being the most family-oriented sign in the Zodiac, are likely to travel with an intimate crew that’s either a tight band of friends or made up of immediate family. This stems from Cancer’s archetypes being the rescuer, the protector, and the nurturer – showcasing that Cancer suns are empathetic and value quality time above all. They love a trip home to visit their family or an adventure to a place they’ve been only a few times before.

Preferring the familiarity of home, a never-been destination could be overwhelming for them. Cancer suns would enjoy intimate getaways to places where they can be cozy and have their own space; villas, lodges, or homes would be perfect for a Cancer's choice of accommodation. Some ideas include a warm winter getaway in the Dolomite Mountains, Italy, staying in a cozy corner of a lodge with your love, or an annual summer trip booked with the family to an organic farm with a farmhouse in Menorca, Spain.

Cancer woman hotel room

Other travel ideas based on connection, comfort, and a little bit of exploration include:

  • Welcoming Glacier kayaking in Alaska: inviting your favorite people on a kayaking adventure through crystal-clear waters surrounded by majestic glaciers. Days spent together and reminisce at night in the cozy wilderness lodge.
  • Cooking class and vineyard in Napa Valley: learning how to cook a meal alongside loved ones is a perfect idea in Napa. Spend a long afternoon taking a vineyard tour and stay in a cozy breakfast nook, preparing the meal and eating it together.
  • Historical tour of the Scottish Highlands and hike: walking through the rolling hills and scattered villages of Scotland will help you reconnect with nature, eating at a classic Scotland Inn, and spending a cozy night with your closest people.

Who to travel with: You are most likely going to enjoy your vacation with Virgo, a well-organized earth sign who loves planning out the travel details.


Leo with its inherent creativity, confidence, and willingness to take risks as well as to see and to be seen, is most at home in its warm, bold nature and would like its trips to be an expression of that. Leos are lovers, romantics, and performers by archetype: they would most at home in countries and locations that are adventurous, colorful, vibrant, and contain a special kind of recklessness that makes them hum with life. A great destination for them would be India: they can move very fast, be in their extrovert persona mode, as if in the mad energy they desire.

Then, they can find themselves in Jaipur, staring at the red and pink Hawa Mahal palace, spending hours shopping all the colorful textile shops, experiencing an Arto Deco-style Rajmahal Palace. Then, they will go to Delhi, a city of frenetic activity, and hop on the train straight to the Taj Mahal. For even more madness-infused activities, they can go searching for tigers in national parks or go straight to South Goa, and run with the surf in Agonda Beach.

Leo perched on top of the Eiffel Tower, holding a giant selfie stick

Other travel recommendations that combine their desire for life and need to shine at all times are: Rio de Janeiro Carnival , Safari in Kenya, Hollywood Movie Making Tour Los Angeles, and Hot Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia, Turkey.

A good travel partner for Leo would be Gemini: since they both want to see the world.


While all earth signs excel at traveling alone and preparing for anything ahead of time, the distinction with Taurus and Capricorn is that Virgos want a lot of wellness in their wanderings. They are the perfectionists, guardians, and organizers of the Zodiac, but they are also the herbalists, healers, and hermits. When combined, the two seemingly incompatible archetypal tugs—the tug toward perfection and the urge to let it go in the name of peace—can rub along quite nicely during an organized but still healthful journey.

A trip to the healing center might be exactly what Virgo needs to get away from it all, especially if the retreats are strictly regimented. They might benefit from a silent Vipassana retreat or, if they prefer a little more structure, from wellness accomplishments in Costa Rica, including a cacao ceremony, a coffee-based body scrub in their choice of herbal stone bath, located along the Calientillo River. The new hotels in Dubai would be a source of delight for the Virgos. A biohacking valuation program is available at check-in, as are sophisticated healing treatments such as cryotherapy, a cold plunge bath, and an IV bag drip.

Taurus bull with Libra woman eat food in a luxurious airplane

Other travel suggestions include the following meals and drinks:

  • The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru: Take a hike to the Inca city of Machu Picchu, which offers lovely vistas, a commendable sensation of fulfillments, and a tight schedule. An organized program with this exceptional trek is a hit for the Virgos.
  • Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala, India: An Ayurveda retreat in Kerala may be organized at a dedicated healing center. You might like the individualized program, the emphasis on wellness, and the opportunity to learn new habits.
  • Food and wine in Northern California: Enjoy a brilliantly designed wine country tour of Northern California. On your wanderings, you could learn more about farming and what it entails to live on resources.
  • Volunteer in the Galapagos Islands for a holiday.

Traveling with Pisces is a good innovation for you because there is much in common between them


Libras are the lovers, chameleons, socialites of the zodiac. It’s difficult to pin down a Libra because they might be anybody you put them in and have a good time because it’s just really easy for them to be like the person they’re with. In line with Gemini, a Libra doesn’t like to be alone. They, too, don’t plan much, because planning is just planning to them, they prefer to go where the consensus is. St. Barts or Saint Tropez, no problem, they’ll love it as long as they’re out with a crew. If a Libra does some minimal planning, expect a trip that involves the nice things in life. They’d be great if they traversed Copenhagen and became acquainted with the Danish Modern design movement or visited Japan where they spent some time in Tokyo’s lively land buying groceries before going to Naoshima Island inside the Seto Inland Sea.

Libra hot air balloon adventure over the French countryside

Travel recommendations for their love of art, culture, and being with others include:

  • The Museums in London and Paris: Visit the British Museum and the Louvre while in London and Paris. Libras may enjoy exploring museums around the globe and gaining first-hand experience of the thriving art coliseum in both cities.
  • Independent Exploration around Buenos Aires: While visiting Buenos Aires, assume it will be full of tango courses and fascinating historic sites. A Libras trek would involve developing tango skills in a charming city using streets that incorporate the culture of Argentina.
  • A Hot Air Balloon Tour of the French Culture’s Wine Country: Libras adore the magnificent view, the magnificent wine, and the possibility of relaxing and becoming intoxicated in France’s Loire Valley, which includes some of the globe's most beautiful chateaux.
  • Island Hopping in the Greek Cyclades: Rather than say Greece, I’d specify the region, which is more precise. What I would say is that they would love Santorini and Mykonos, among others, and I’d choose to go and have a trip to Nassau where it is considered a storehouse of contemporary art inside the Seto Inland Sea.

The ideal journey companion: You and Gemini are brothers, similar air signs, you both are gregarious and outgoing signs who are funny and alluring.


Given Scorpios’ capacity for wading deep into emotional waters and their intense ambition to untangle complicated social gameplay, Scorpios prefer an educational component of their travel, with the subject of their curiosity being themselves. One part alchemist, one part rebel, Scorpios see themselves as lone rangers out to figure out the puzzle of what makes them, them, and they can turn to take up an investigator’s guise as truth-seekers and wounded healers. One of their biggest fears might be exposing their soft emotional ribs to others—an act that could also set them free, and they are not afraid of their own darkness and complexity. Scorpio is great for alternative experiences such as a psychedelic journey: a healing ayahuasca trip in Costa Rica or a psilocybin Costa Rica ceremony.

Scorpio woman sing to lobsters at restaurant

Other recommendations that answer to Scorpio’s thirst for self-exploration, transformation, and a thread of challenge are:

  • Solo Wilderness Retreat in Patagonia, Chile: Scorpios must undertake a tough solo hike across the ruggedness of Patagonia to quiet the demons within and reassess themselves amidst the grandiosity of the nature that surrounds them.
  • Travelling to Mount Etna, Sicily, for climbing a volcano will be another suggestion, as it will help Scorpios get in touch with their need for challenge, intensity, and self-exposure.
  • Silent Meditation in the Himalayas: the meditative retreat that should be taken in solitude – purposeful and rejuvenating will take them away from everything and everyone for a while so that a Saturn-ruled child can get in touch with their depth.
  • Transformational Breathwork Workshop: it combines the beauty and silence of the environment and healing properties of the breathwork.

Who to travel with: be close to water and do not mind focusing on one spot, almost like Cancers, which is why they travel well together.


Sagittarians are the people born to wander, quests, sages, and savants. Sagittarius are natural tourists and travel hungry for both culture and adventures. The more remote the destination or the more mysterious the subject, the more interesting to a Sagittarius. In addition, they have a personality with depths unknown, both literally and figuratively. Sagittarius likes to visit in another city for a long time, because of their fearless and interesting voyage to learn and gain knowledge.

Sagittarians would enjoy a journey through the enchantment and enchantment of Southeast Asia to discover the mysterious secret, from the temple of Bagan in ancient Myanmar to the Cambodian Angkor Wat temple and French-influenced Luang Prabang in Laos. They would also enjoy a trip to Bhutan to travel to Buddhist monasteries or in Jordan, they will walk on the 650-kilometer Jordan Trail from Wadi Rum to Petra. Ferociously confront the land’s Gatemen, the Bedouins.

Chill Sagittarius centaur, relaxing in a hammock

Other trips that meet their insatiable appetite for travel and eagerness to learn include:

  • The Silk Road Adventure. You will embark on a Setalpon epic, a path that aims at the gaps between Allianz and Pigeobi America, immersing oneself in diverse cultures and searching for various trade secrets.
  • Sargentons also like Botswana to experience the excitement of a lion, elephant, or zebra safari in their natural habitat.
  • Amazon Rain Forest Investigation in Brazil. Learn more about the heart and lungs, observe it and get food online. People born on stage will become fiction writers uploaded to the Internet because the Massachusetts Peanut Foundation has invested billions of dollars in the world.

Another fire sign, Aries, will also enjoy travel with you.


Of all the earth signs, Capricorns take the cake for being the most Type A: plans, plans, and more plans! Archetypes of the ruler, the tyrant, and the boss, Roach says Capricorns need order and structure and, most importantly of all, purpose. That’s what separates them from the rest of the herd: their love for tradition. According to Roach, Capricorns don’t need a hint or whiff of anything new on their trip—no thrills, please!—so a little triptych to the old-world cities of Europe. Capricorns should visit the Hungarian Parliament Building for some Gothic Revival, Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace palace for some Baroque, and Prague’s Charles Bridge for some Medieval.

Capricorn businesswoman building her sandcastle

Further recommendations that fulfill their need for planning, purpose, and a touch of historical grandeur include:

  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania: Challenge Capricorns physically and mentally by climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. Capricorns will appreciate the structured itinerary, the sense of accomplishment felt reaching the summit, and stunning views from the top.
  • Culinary Tour of Northern Italy: Embark on a meticulously planned culinary tour of Italy’s northern regions like Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. Capricorns will enjoy delicious food and wine pairings, learning traditional cooking techniques, and relish in a thoughtfully planned and enriching travel experience.

Who to travel with: Since you like a good cultural holiday, why not join Virgo on vacation?


Not that Astronauts are loners, but given the opportunity, Aquarians would happily spy out from the crowd if it meant being different. Enthusiastic at the prospect of cerebral games and complete exposure — having the most fun when doing the same thing as no one else or doing something under the needle for the sole purpose of doing so — this is the only indication of the zodiac to space travel. Followed by going to Mars, which is only a few decades away, for the time be this unique sign that must travel on a trail that is in your face view without mobility on a trail that emerges throughout the day.

The remaining Aquarians could easily fly only to Uruguay to see James Turrell Ta Khut, which is the first independent Skyspace he built on the segment, or bypass your typical hike Patagonia and travel to Peru’s Cordillera Huayhuash northern. Aquarians would possibly hike through a secluded river valley every day of the week, taking in the cerulean pools sequestered under the high mountainsystem, rather than a climb that involves walking.

Aquarius, dressed in a spacesuit with a fishbowl helmet, stands awkwardly in Times Square, New York City

Some unusual travel ideas are as follows:

  • See the Northern Lights in Iceland: Entrepreneurial folks will enjoy flying to Iceland to see this stunning unique event.
  • Galápagos Wildlife Expedition: Go on a scientific journey to the Galapagos Islands. An Aquarius is both observant of the ways and means and able to contribute valuable data to the scientific establishment.
  • WWOOF on an Organic Farm: Join WWOOFing and those medicine phony bake hemp bars or a ridiculous vegetarian hotel in Oregon. Aquarians appreciate how working on a farm organization is something they could get it entangled in.

Those of Your Own: With the exception of Gemini, another air sign who would be eager to experience the same aspects of a journey, you may enjoy travel alone.


The highly imaginative and deeply intuitive Pisces desire space to dream and be the lovers and mystics they are; they’re known as the seers, healers, and poets of the Zodiac. Out of all the water signs, they are most likely to yearn for the world’s most alluring coastlines, lakes, and rivers for a spiritual reset. Pisceans like to go beyond the typical yoga retreat for a transform—out like those in Mexico, where they can learn about Human Design and their astrological profiles in between steamy yoga classes with Pacific ocean views.

A multi-week Ayurvedic reset in Bali would be a nice experience for them, complete with daily spa treatments, yoga, and a custom health menu, or a journey through the most mystical towns in Peru, where they can meander through wildflower meadows full of natural rivers and streams and learn the history of the Quechua people, a culture with fellow seers and seekers from whom they can learn.

Pisces woman with a fish tail chill in pool with ocean view

More comfortable travel recommendations that cater to their beauty, peace, and a touch of the mystical desire:

  • Underwater Adventure in the Great Barrier Reef: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. Pisces will be awestruck by the vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life, finding a deep sense of peace and connection with nature.
  • Creative Writing Retreat in Tuscany: Combine stunning scenery with a creative writing retreat in the heart of Tuscany. Pisces will be inspired by the rolling hills, charming villages, and the chance to tap into their artistic side for once.
  • Spiritual Pilgrimage to Dharamshala, India: Embark on a spiritual journey to Dharamshala, which houses the Dalai Lama. Pisces in Dharamshala can learn about Tibetan Buddhist teachings, take meditation sessions, and get into inner peace.
  • Whale Watching Tour in Iceland: Set out on a journey to observe a whale off the coast in Iceland, catch some majestic mammals in their natural habitats, and touch their hearts.

Compatible Travel Signs: You get to get on with a Taurus, who shares your desire to take the time to appreciate the beauty of a destination’s culture and nature.

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