Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2024

Love and Romance 💖

Mid-July Love and Romance: You are throwing hearts all summer long, Cancer, and this really starts to escalate now. Imagine your words pour out of you like the pours of melted ice cream. Your feelings reach straight to someone’s main vein right away. With this cluster of good things happening (the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and the full moon on the 11th), take a risk to really share—it might be something new. Let your heart guide you.

Saturn (July 15th, August 19th): Reality Check From Saturn High summer brings a continuing reality check from steely-eyed Saturn. Then again, don't be blind to unrealistic idealism. Trust your heart to show you what love wants and needs. While fantasies are fun, clarity is key.

Late August-September: Less sex, but no less passion when Mars and Jupiter meet in your zone of deep emotions (August 14), just be careful about hasty moves around the 18th/19th. Please stay excited, please stop with the rose-colored sunglasses.

Pisces September: Eclipses Are No Joke Eclipse on the 17th can signal emotional debacles and possibly separations. Own up to what you want and need from yourself and the person(s) you are with.

two Pisces figures intertwining gracefully in a dreamlike underwater world

Venus in Scorpio (October 17) amplifies the intimacy and emotional depth, but also jealousy and possessiveness. Walk these waters softly to avoid undue friction.

December: The year ends with opportunities to connect deeply and heal emotionally (2nd, 4th, 7th). Release those familiar wounds and the emotional deserts of your past.

Travel & Adventure

August: Wanting to break out of wherever you are, but Saturn planets (7th, 14th, 15th) ask for patience. Travel Plans: Be flexible and have backups.

December: Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn enjoy good angles, so the early days of December remain big travel days despite Mars' retrograde on December 6th. Just plan for them, and overall rides will be smoother and more satisfying.

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Education, Work, Finances Opportunities

July: Your creative ideas dazzle (July 5th, 8th). Great for presenting new projects or to just showcase your existing work.

August 15th, September 7th, 12th, & 18th: Saturn squares present difficulties from mid-August to September. The best ally you will have is patience and perseverance.

October: Jupiter will be opposite this time of October 9, which is a good time to review the race or educational goals. There might be alterations needed and that is fine.

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November 5th: This week brings the end to problems with Mercury retrograde on December 15th, and there are plans from delays and confusion (which is typical of early November).

December 2nd, 4th, & 22nd: Jupiter and Venus; Saturn all combine to suggest chances at power are afoot. Aggressive selling. Focus on what matters in the long run.


July: You may find some financial benefits on July 5th. Watch for new possibilities.

August: August sees some Saturnian influence (15th, 19th) suggesting that a little belt-tightening would not go amiss over the coming weeks. Avoid unnecessary spending.

November 11th: Venus in Capricorn (all the way to early December) emphasizes tactical financial planning. Long-term financial stability - Saturn direct on December 12th.

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Heaven Matters Health, Well-being

Supportive influences (July 5th, 10th) bring a sense of emotional balance and peace. Do things that fill your soul.

August - September: Saturn squares on August 15th and September 18th can prompt stress. Make time for self-care practices and healthy lifestyle habits.

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July 2nd: Neptune Retrograde (in Pisces) sees you diving down into the deepest, darkest depths of introspection. Brilliant for introspection, contemplation, and creative endeavors.

The year culminates with a powerful eclipse in your sign on September 17th, which will be a huge deal to get you forward as an individual and on a spiritual level. Take the opportunity to shed some old ideas and accept a fresh point of view.

Communication, Family & Friends

Record stable career growth or conversing balance with La Seule Bonne Marche (July 5th, 8th). Build relationships by having real conversations about people. Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto retrogrades—signaling delays in communications. Patience and a lot of checking.

Pisces character creating art in a swirling, luminous studio filled with ethereal paints and musical notes

The Saturn in Aquarius relative to the Moon encourages an open emotional exchange among family members (July 5th, 10th).

September: The lunar eclipse alert here (September 17th) may bring an ancient family drama back up to the surface. Address them constructively.

Early November: With Saturn direct (coming about November 12th), the effort will be worth it. Full moons in Taurus (November 15) are for creating balance in all aspects of our lives and this full moon shines a light on what makes home feel like home. Organizing intimate dinners or reaching out to loved ones.

Some Famous Pisceans:

  • Rihanna. Known for her unique voice and range of music, Rihanna went on to become one of the greatest voices in music and an inspiration for millions. Apart from her music career, singer is also a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Justin Bieber. Starting his career from a young age on the internet, Bieber is one of the most famous names in pop music in the world. The singer has gone through different phases in his career, proving that a Pisces is always ready to adapt.
  • Steve Jobs. Co-founder of Apple, Jobs, is one of the most recognizable names in the tech industry. Jobs’s thinking outside the box has forever changed technology and how people use it.
  • Erykah Badu. Known all over the world for her striking music and even more striking style, Badu is called the “Queen of Neo-Soul”. The singer is famous for her soulful music and poetic lyrics, perfectly fitting for the Pisces sign.
  • Daniel Craig. Playing James Bond for several movies, Craig is considered the best actor for the role, for he added depth and intricacy to it. The actor’s performance is characterized by depth that is so typical of a Pisces-type person.

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