Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2024

Love, Romance, and Family

A series of positive transits as early July unfolds — running from the 2nd to the 11th — will coat your close personal relationships in a layer of empathy and forgiveness. Therefore, take this as your opportunity to repair older bonds and bridges. And you will notice that the words come easier, and whatever problems were there previously thaw away like snow in spring. Do not sit too easy though.

Full Moon on 21st, in Capricorn will shed a reveal torch of unsolved family drama "Things that you've been sweeping under the rug, it's time to pull them out from under there and go: 'Whoa — is this what I really want to be doing with my life?'" “Integrity is bound to pay off” Your natural intensity will work here, but make sure you keep your cool. Obviously, sometimes the quiet but firm statement can say more than any argument.

September might put your emotional strength to the test. From the 2nd through the 7th, squares between Mars, Neptune, and Saturn are bringing up some old insecurities. Ensure that there is continuous communication. “Having those honest conversations, even if they’re uncomfortable, will go such a long way to diffuse the air of misunderstanding.”

Enter late September Toward the beginning of the month as we welcome in a Libra New Moon on the 2nd and later when Venus moves into Scorpio after a brief stint in your sign leave you with an opportunity for your romantic reset. However, be cautious of any difficult aspects that Pluto makes to personal planets as there can certainly be struggles for power at this time.

By October 22, passions will be soaring as the Sun dances into Scorpio. New love may emerge and for those who scored a bae already, relationships deepen — especially around the powerhouse New Moon/Solar Eclipse on October 2nd! When Vesta enters Libra on the 26th you’ll be looking for added harmony and commitment wherever you invest your time, and by the time Juno also arrives in Scorpio on November 3rd, deeper commitments to partnerships. As long as your needs and boundaries are clear, you don’t have to worry.

Venus enters Capricorn on the eleventh, and love could be focused on what’s real and solid with this practical sign. Take advantage of this time period to make sure you and your spouse are on the same page with respect to the long term. With the Full Moon in Taurus on November 15th, you will be pulled to want to spend quality time with those you love. This is it, trust in this.

two figures representing Scorpions, bridging a gap with intertwined words and symbols

Then, on the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius making it a great time to embark on unexpected love affairs or intellectual interactions. 2023 concludes with an invitation to both open your heart and mind a little wider as you explore love, combining those emotional depths that you know so well with fresh, insightful new points of view.

Travel & Adventure

The early July Cancerian influence (July 5–10) can send you to snuggle in the safety of the hearth instead. So, this is the perfect time for a staycation; to connect with your roots or perhaps love and check out places near where you stay that bring about fond memories. If you travel, make it your home or a place where you have memories.

As we move through the year, be especially aware of August when Mercury retrogrades in Virgo from 4. Oh boy, that was a sign of silly travel delays and misunderstandings. Make sure to double-check all your plans! Provided by your luggage doesn’t go missing or you experience any flight delays at the airport that could make you impatient. “In general, be sure to have some extra patience and maybe a backup or two for necessary things.

September can't come soon enough if you look forward to spontaneous getaways. How far can you go, Pisces? Thanks to Mercury retrograde (which hangs out until the 18th), your wanderlust might only be met with frustration. Communication would frequently be missed, and there were various interruptions; nevertheless, if you have no alternative but to go elsewhere safer than you might ever imagine! Maybe, it’s a great opportunity to get down into the research of travels instead — analyzing places where you want to travel and maybe book your trips further ahead of this year.

Mercury will retrograde during the month of November, for three weeks (November 2-25), in Sagittarius for another period that might be difficult to navigate. This obviously means a myriad of unfortunate things, such as misunderstandings with locals or even leaving some stuff behind. Key takeaway: Make sure your travel documents and itineraries are transparently exchanged.

December starts to look brighter. On the 15th the Full Moon in Gemini, combined with Mercury direct all bode well for smoother travels and a better time of getting one's message across. There may be an ideal opportunity to iron out any travel fuzziness and scheme some year-end excursions. Whether traveling to see family for the holidays or out exploring new places and lands, you will begin to find your way with fewer challenges and complications.

a Scorpio character amidst a bustling foreign marketplace, discovering a hidden alleyway bathed in warm light

Opportunity to Study, Work and Earn

Early July is actually relatively good too with a sextile coming on the 5th of July between Mars and Saturn. With this alignment, you have unmatched determination and laser focus to get things done in your workplace! It is a great time to tackle anything that demands your complete focus so you can show the higher-ups what you are made of! On the 8th, a sextile between Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter allows you to further maximize your potential through speaking arrangements—reeling more opportunities for collaboration or education. I always say the way to grow professionally is through networking with your peers and looking for new learning opportunities.

Still, August isn’t likely to be plain sailing. Mercury retrograde in Virgo starting August 4 may slow communication, bring misunderstandings, and cause delays to some projects. Yes, make sure you double-check your work (and maybe even factor in a little extra time for coffee meetings!) This may be an annoying period, but it’s also an opportunity to test your methods and learn from potential mistakes now rather than rushing in.

September 12 could be a garbled day though, as the Sun squares Jupiter, making it difficult to see how much you’re committing to—you may overpromise or spread yourself too thin. 14. Be realistic about your workload and divide tasks as evenly among the ASA members as possible and remember it’s okay to say no when you really need to.

a Scorpio character gazing into a still pool that reflects various books and academic symbols

On October 9th, feel free to blame Jupiter’s retrograde if your career is feeling a little stagnant or you’re suffering from some sort of motivation block. And let this time be of some respite to revisit your goals and tweak them in a way that benefits you more. In conclusion, there are periods where you need to step back and think in order to realize what’s the most important thing for you. From October 13 to November 2, you’ll improve your communication skills when Mercury moves through Scorpio. Presenting, negotiating, or working on a writing project? It’s the time to do it with in power-factor mode via this focused-in-Scorpio period! Use your words so they could be used to sway and motivate people around you.

On the 12th, Saturn goes direct again in your work and health sector, helping you buckle down and take things more seriously on long-term projects. It is one of the best months to put down firm ideas and stick to your professional as well as financial objectives. And, on November 11th, the stabilizing energy of Venus in Capricorn can help when making practical considerations with respect to your money matters too.

Make sure you are ready for the potential shake-up this year as it winds down with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius from November 25! This may cause misunderstandings and mistakes in your job or financial activities. Ensure to verify all the contracts and keep an eagle eye on your money or finances.

Health, Wellbeing and Personal Development

With Neptune bringing out your reflective side from the 2nd to the 20th, July will be even more of a month for soul searching than usual, such as meditation, journaling, or finding a creative way to express yourself. Go where your mind takes you, and ponder this to your heart’s content! You could always express yourself creatively—I’m talking specifically about getting it out of your system and figuring out how you feel on the certain matter (drawing, playing a musical instrument, creating…whatever your way stretch is).

But then July 26th, Chiron goes retrograde — sending all those questions around value and worth back into the ring. “While these transits may serve to reflect past insecurities, they really do offer a good chance to confront them once and for all,” Stardust says. looking for help from a therapist or working on your own self-development to grow beyond those feelings.

August through early September: Virgo stellium! With the Sun, Mercury (on August 22nd and again from September 5-13) and Venus all in Virgo at the close of summer it’s a time to get back into those healthy routines we may or be neglecting ourselves. It is important to eat healthy food, have regular exercise and sound sleep. Establishing these habits will lay a good foundation for the remainder of the year.

two hands, one adorned with a Scorpio symbol, gently holding a bridge made of intertwined words and emotions

September’s emotional roller coaster, with hard squares between Mars and Neptune and Saturn, may have proved challenging to your peace of mind. Go easy on yourself. Be patient. You can talk to your good friends or a professional psychologist/therapist about the same. Make sure, however, to have a good balance of tasks and not to overload yourself.

As the month goes on, however, October’s energies lighten up again as the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd, bringing attention and vitality back to your sector of passions. Take this time to get back into your personal goals and health regimens. The powerful Libra New Moon and Solar Eclipse on October 2nd are perfect days to set your intentions for your health, well-being, and more.

Come November, as Saturn goes direct on the 12th you’re reinspired to get back in the game and stay disciplined. What a wonderful opportunity to begin working on any long-term health and personal growth projects. So whether you go and buy a new fitness program or sign up for an amazing personal development course. Your commitment is worth the peace, joy, love and blessings that follow through your more disciplined efforts.

Be mindful of your mental well-being as these transits shake up your year — and most certainly when they’re activated. Take regular breaks and engage in mindfulness or anything that you enjoy doing! But more than being a checklist towards achieving your goals, personal growth is about living the good life.

Communication, Family & Friends

On July 5 and between July 5–July 10, warm-hearted Cancer energies help you bond with your nearest and dearest on a deep soul level. Also, it’s an excellent time for getting together with those closest to your heart and speaking one on one with people you haven’t seen in some time. Make the most of that time with your dear ones and relish all moments.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 21st could reveal any extra family dysfunction. Keep your fighting face on and be prepared to talk them down again — all cool, calm and collected. Clearly state your boundaries, and don’t allow yourself to get sucked into battles that need not be fought. It’s the critical time when the culture of respect and understanding is instilled in your home.

On top of all this, September could be dicey with some emotional turbulence scheduled around the 2nd, the 6th and almost certainly on the new moon total solar eclipse occurring on Labour Day weekend between September 7th. Indeed, with such a challenging aspect pattern and the stinging influence - particularly in regard to past grievances or feelings of hurt/disappointment, one that also involves partnerships—these two transits should distinctly inflame: anything. Open and honest communication is going to be key in getting through anything this difficult. Be a patient listener and understand the perspective of people around you.

Late September brings a Libra New Moon in your 11th house on the 2nd and Venus into Scorpio until leaving her shadow on the 22nd, giving you a chance to open up more with those around you. What a fabulous time to get back in touch with old friends or find new people who are on your same wavelength! Still, with Pluto aspecting it so closely, you ought to be careful about power grabs or other underhanded tactics. You can always trust your intuition around new associates.

The month ends with even more shift in energy, as the Sun slides into Scorpio on October 22nd, focusing your power and passion. It is a time of thriving on the already established relationships and creating new ones from those provided with more meaning. Further emphasizing this energy will be the strong Libra New Moon and Solar Eclipse on October 2nd, which brings potent energies to setting intentions regarding your social circle, friends, as well as family life.

Meanwhile, on November 3rd, Juno enters Scorpio amplifying your intimate relationship desire for a deep commitment. Now is the time to establish what your needs are and what your boundaries need to be. On November 11, when Venus enters Capricorn, it will prize a more sensibly rational and substantial tone to your romantic affairs. You’ll have the inspiration you need to speak or keep on speaking about the foreseeable future with those who really mean something to you.

December closes out the year by both focusing upon resolving any lingering misunderstandings (namely during the Full Moon in Gemini on the 15th) and by again testing us to see how far we're willing to go in order to resolve long-term planetary issues. Enhanced communication clears the air and steadies your relationships for a smooth close to 2024.

Key Dates for Scorpio in 2024

  • 2nd-11th July: Reconnecting and healing links now.
  • July 21st: Full Moon in Capricorn - Time to address family drama.
  • September 2, 6, and 7 will bring emotional turbulence…but do yourself a favor and practice patience.
  • September 2nd & 22nd: New Moon in Libra and Venus enters Scorpio – Fresh starts around romantic connections.
  • October 2nd – Libra New Moon & Solar Eclipse: Set intention for: Deeper Cosmic Connections.
  • 22 October: Sun enters Scorpio — greater magnetism and passion.
  • Nov 3: Juno enters Scorpio. A change in the committed partnerships matrix.
  • November 11th: Venus in Capricorn – Love is practical.
  • 15th November: Full Moon in Taurus - Spending quality time with loved ones.
  • December 6th: Venus in Aquarius — Be open to unorthodox relationships.
  • December 15th: Full Moon in Gemini – better communication and clarity around misunderstandings.

Cosmic wishes, Pythia Astrologer ✨

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