The Lovers Tarot Card in Love, Relationships, Finances, Career and Health (Keywords, Upright & Reversed Meanings)

The Lovers Tarot Card in Love, Relationships, Finances, Career and Health (Keywords, Upright & Reversed Meanings)

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Love, you say? Who doesn’t love a bit of getting to the heart of matters, especially with a tarot reading?! Well now, that answer gets more people looking to the old tarot cards and dipping into a little divining! 'A lot of people think the Lovers is simply about relationships, but it's so much bigger than that.' It’s like the card reflects our choices.

Who are you in this moment? Who are you now? What do you stand for? What do you believe in? What are you being most mindful of aligning your energy with right now? More importantly, what are you prepared to give up in order to direct this level of effort? All of this to say, make note and think through the possibilities.

Description of the Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers card typically features a male and female couple — two people who are bound to one another not by romance, but by choice. The woman is standing front-and-center in the composition; this represents your intuition at this time, which now commands both of you.

In terms of the sequence, The Lovers is card number six, and is unique in that it’s the first card with two individual figures — opening up a whole new bag of worms! By this, I mean introducing relationships. The Hierophant, in contrast to the preceding card which depicts group think/consensus or dogma. Instead The Lovers-Tarot-Card points to conscious rationale behind formulas of truth and opinion

The classic Rider Waite Smith tarot deck portrays The Lovers as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Primordial Woman stands to the left near the tree of knowledge, while Primordial Man is on the right under the tree of life. The tree of knowledge, often shown as an apple tree, and the twelve flames on the tree of life (sometimes called the tree of flames), visually set the scene. Their nudity brings out their essential humanity exposed in vulnerability, and the fact they are just as flawed as anyone else.

The Lovers Tarot Card (Upright)

On the other hand, the man looks towards her, though she gazes vicariously at the angel overhead. This represents different sides of human awareness—how we relate to one another as well as God. The man and woman symbolism can be understood as the duality in our psyches, every one of us has a feminine side within him (anima) and also every women have their masculine characteristic (animus), it is like logic-emotion, light-shadow conscious-unconscious active-passive. The angel seems to want these two to integrate what was lost or missing in regards to the values of the others.

The Lovers Tarot Card Key Meanings:

  • Love, soulmates, kindred spirits, perfect unions, partnerships, relationships
  • Major choices, romance, desire, sexual connections, shared values

The Lovers Upright Meaning

When The Lovers is drawn in the upright position, it could be signaling that there should be a balance or harmony. At its most profound, it indicates a codependent “soulmate”-like relationship in which the two of you reinforce one another; implying that your responsibilities are a conduit for healing and change. It’s all the way down love, connection, whole-hearted and raw relationship.

The Lovers tarot card, a symbol of love, commitment, and decision-making

The Lovers can also indicate big life choices. But I’d say, if you ever draw this card and you’re wavering between two paths, the idea is to energetically rise above anything that is ego-driven (the devil) by choosing to live from your higher-self perspective (angel), while selecting the path that enables your soul’s evolution. More often than not, it will show the decision to stick with a person or place or project in order to grow more.

Furthermore, it can represent that you are trying to combine conflicting parts of your psyche such as your inner feminine and masculine or maybe two sides like practical and creative. It can symbolize the healing of old scars and even an awakening to self-love.

Love and Relationships (Upright Meaning)

Upright Lovers: Your relationship is supportive and equal, you are good for each other and there is a deep love between you both. This dynamic state helps you progress and mature through a healthy balanced energy flow. It might also suggest some big and important encounter, as well as the beginning of a new deep friendship.

Career and Finance (Upright Meaning)

In a career or financial reading, The Lovers card in the upright can represent a partnership that will be beneficial for both of you and is going to assist you reach your targets and make sound decisions. Applying greater commitment to your professional relationships would be beneficial for you and “detrimental” as it becomes an essential element of your working life.

A painting of a man and a woman in love, representing the significance of the Lovers card in tarot

Health (Upright Meaning)

Healthwise, The Lovers says that with the right support you will be able to conquer health issues. Who this support might be could come from a partner, friend, healthcare provider among others. The card might even signify critical decisions relating to treatment. Finally, it may remind you of the importance of looking after your heart!

Spirituality (Upright Meaning)

In a spiritual context, The Lovers tarot card represents finding balance within yourself, between your body and soul. You can achieve this when you know yourself better and understand the way in which you abide by your moral code. There is an added mindfulness on this phase in retaining a constant input and output connection with Red Flame Karuna within the depths of oneself. It might also mean that joining with someone on your spiritual trek may prove beyond measure helpful and be such as finding a meditation course to take with a complimentary minded cohort.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

The Lovers reversed represents dis-harmony and imbalance within a relationship or partnership. If that’s a constant remaining, it’s just an indication to resolve these problems through complete utter open vulnerability and honesty. Conflict is sometimes a part of growth, and conflict can be generative if we approach it in the spirit of learning and deeper understanding.

At worst, The Lovers reversed may point to you looking for love and acceptance from others causing nothing but an empty feeling inside. The peace of mind and heart that you so seek in embracing can only be found within yourself by healing deeper layers, through practicing unconditional love towards yourself.

If you are in the extreme of identifying too closely with one side (like thinking over emoting or following a passion while paying no heed to common sense), The Lovers reversed calls for balance by asking you to marry these opposite energies.

The Lovers Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:

  • Disharmony, trust issues, imbalance, conflict, disconnection
  • Lack of accountability, disunion, detachment

Love & Relationships (Reversed)

When Lovers reversed represents tension or stress in a love relationship because they aren’t able to talk and turn physical resulting from jealousy/possessiveness of either person. Or it can also show you relationships that will push you to become a better version of yourself — in other words, this person reflects your shadow side. If you are upset, frustrated or triggered by another’s behavior, this card indicates that like the Angel looking into the Sword and Shield conflict from a detached viewpoint – there may be lessons for you to learn if inadvertently attracting such conflict.

Sometimes The Lovers reversed can indicate severing a connection and the subsequent heartbreak. It is a good thing to be reminded that feeling means you are on the right path — that loss simply shines a light on your inner self and allows your strength to rise. So, if you’re reluctant or wondering about dropping the ball here again. This card is questioning whether your homeostasis belongs to this new circumstance, and if it does– You might be making that decision from a painful place of fear?

Career and Finance (Reversed Meaning)

For career and finance readings, The Lovers reversed can indicate a professional partnership or collaboration is struggling because of shared moral values, unfair workmanship issues or misunderstandings. So you're forced to ask yourself whether or not you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to these big decisions. If not, then work on developing a more open and honest conversation with yourself about how you want.

So, maybe you’re stuck in a job because your logical mind is at odds with your emotional desires. Or you are pursuing what moves you while ignoring the prosaic realities of existence? If you’re neglecting one need over another, this card tells you to try and achieve balance by acknowledging both aspects of yourself.

Health (Reversed Meaning)

To Summarize: When It Comes to Health, The Lovers Reversed Is Preparing You to Explore and Reconnect with Your Body in Order for Healing the Harmonic and Healthy State. Even though it might feel like your body is definitely completely against you, be patient and don’t push too far beyond what your impaired abilities are permitting at the moment. Your body is capable of wonderful things but it needs some down time and healing in order to recover. Sorry about that! Let’s give it the time to recover.

Spirituality (Reversed Meaning)

On a spiritual level, The Lovers reversed indicates that you are looking to fulfill your desires through the pursuit of materialistic gains which can only ever bring temporary happiness. So, put your attention on the spiritual path to self and seek out within you who are you…. it will be more important grants…

May I add that The Lovers reversed can mean sexual attraction, although in this example it may be between you and a metaphysical counselor, this card is a warning that they may have ill-intent in seeking an intimate relationship with you - as they would easily take advantage of this. He is there to be your spiritual mentor, not a romantic partner. Be careful in these types of situations.

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