Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2024

Love & Relationships 💕

July is the month of love for you, Virgo. With strong communication aspects on the 5th, 8th, and 11th, it is a good time to share your feelings openly. There may be some love advantage at social gatherings around the 20th if you are single. But don’t reopen old wounds to avoid conflict.

There may be financial and vision-related pressures in August as squares on the 15th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, and the full Moon opposition on the twenty-eighth frame your own needs over those of others. However, it is very important that you and your partner have patience and clear expectations. Avoid making big decisions during this time.

On the 17th, emotional intensity and potential transformation come with the eclipses of September. Take a step back and recognize what you need from your relationships; practice honesty.

Passion is in the air by October, with Venus entering Scorpio on the 14th and 17th. Of course, there will be disagreements with the bossy boots in your life (parents, in-laws) around the 4th, 14th, and 22nd. Learn to approach with tact.

November has retrogrades leading to misinformation on the 2nd, 18th, and 25th. During this phase, patience and explanation will help best in maneuvering.

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December holds some of that breath of fresh air, with Venus in Aquarius from the 6th bringing just enough detachment to help us hit those goals and hone our clear connections. This can also be your month of pleasant surprises, so singles may even bump into someone who is least expected.

Travel & Adventure

Pleasure trips, especially any with educational or growth aspects, are in for extra enjoyment this month, and the 5th, 8th, and 10th look quite favorable. Think field trips and cultural events.

With Mercury retrograde from the 4th, August can be complicated due to delays and other inconveniences during your travels. Check schedules twice and continue to be flexible to avoid disappointment.

There may be sudden travel opportunities around the 17th, when there are eclipses. While we are not stuck to these new places, we should always plan better so that the journey remains smooth.

In October, it may be necessary to prepare for longer trips and mobility activities a little more calmly because there is still some square and opposition that can generate delays or changes in plans on the 4th and 14th.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 30th encourages a whimsical adventure—a spontaneous getaway in November!

The 4th and 6th might bring some travel hassles due to squares and oppositions by December. Be flexible and open to other destinations. A solo road trip for introspection is good to undertake once the Winter Solstice on December 21 passes.

Education, Work, and Financial Opportunities

When it comes to school, work, or money, July gets off on the right foot with powerful prospective aspects boding well for interaction and teamwork as we move into the actual month of June on the 5th and 8th. It’s an excellent season for networking, both on the field and career-wise. Some negotiation is bound to go quite well.

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On the 4th, Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, which will affect you and likely bring delays or misunderstandings. Verify facts, and take your time. These may show up as clashes with the powers that be on the 15th, 18th, and 19th. Remain professional and avoid office politics.

Your career world moves quickly with an unpredictable opportunity or change on the 17th from September's eclipses. Welcome new opportunities, but be sure to think everything over before jumping in headfirst.

There may be a shake-up in October as Jupiter goes retrograde on the 9th of the month. Stay traditional with what you are doing, and do not start anything too grand.

By September, the stars point to more of the same, while retrogrades on November 2nd, 18th, and 25th may prompt a rewrite or redo. Stay organized and patient. Financial control will be important, and there are tough times on the 12th and 28th. Avoid impulsive spending.

Work tensions may peak in December with squares and oppositions on the 4th and 6th. These challenges can be overcome by clear communication and solution-oriented action.

Wellness Benefits:

July 5 and 10 will promote a balanced health lifestyle. Self-care should be at the top of your list, and make sure you listen to your body’s needs.

Virgo meditating amidst a swirling vortex of stars and planets, each representing a different emotion

Mercury will retrograde in your sign on August 4, and this could cause you to feel scattered and confused throughout the month. Remember to take breaks: give yourself time to sleep and try not to overcommit. You need your well-being.

The eclipses of September can also be emotionally charged around the 17th. Use techniques that can help you relax and take care of yourself during these intense times.

In October, squares and oppositions help you see where boundaries are necessary most acutely on the 28th. Make sure you do not sideline your health because of work requirements.

Retrogrades on the 2nd, 18th, and 25th may have you feeling tired or under the weather in November. Futile consciousness will getting into above from. Man, I say this over and again but your body gives you SO many indications that we tend to ignore until it's too late... Focus on prevention, guys!

December gets tricky with squares and oppositions on the 4th, and especially the 6th may be stressful. Taking walks and doing relaxation exercises will be key in helping you juggle the stress.

Communication, Family & Friends

July is ideal for clear discussions and improving relationships, thanks to aspects on the 5th and 8th. It may be great for forming bonds with those that you care about most! Build your network, prove yourself, and take on additional courses to learn more.

Mercury retrogrades in your sign at the end of August, which brings confusion and miscommunication. In solving this query, patience and double-checking messages are going to be needed.

Jupiter goes stationary direct on the 9th in October, which can slow down learning progress. Concentrate on the projects that are live and avoid any new ones.

In November, the hindrances come from retrogrades on the 2nd, 18th, and 25th, causing confusion and delay. Be patient and clarify your thoughts.

December has communication challenges, particularly on the 4th and 6th. Stay calm, listen actively, and avoid arguments. Mercury goes direct on the 15th, bringing clearer communication.

Key Dates for Virgo in 2024

  • July 5, 8, 11: Positive communication aspects.
  • July 20: Potential for new connections.
  • August 4: Mercury retrograde begins.
  • August 15, 18, 19: Tensions around finances and goals.
  • September 17: Emotional intensity from eclipses.
  • October 4, 14, 22: Potential clashes with authority figures.
  • November 2, 18, 25: Misunderstandings from retrogrades.
  • December 6, 12, 19: Refreshing detachment in relationships.
  • December 15: Mercury goes direct.

Cosmic wishes,
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