Is it Your 🪐 Saturn Return? The Astrology Trend Sweeping Pop Culture

Is it Your 🪐 Saturn Return? The Astrology Trend Sweeping Pop Culture

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Everyone who made the leap through from late twenties and early thirties are familiar with the difficult growing pains associated with that tragic time. It is usually a time when you are assessing and reevaluating certain aspects of your life, determining who or what you want to commit to. Lucky, there is an astrological term for this strange life stage: the Saturn Return — and it is experiencing a cultural renaissance. On Ariana Grande’s latest album is Saturn on a track called “Saturn Returns Interlude”. Kacey Musgraves promoted her next album on social media with the phrase “My Saturn has returned,” although it was quoted as one of her first singles “Deeper Well.” Additionally, SZA recently released a single called “Saturn” and Adele remarked on her struggle through her own Saturn Return on “30,” her 2021.

However, exactly what is the Saturn Return and by how many is it such a big topic?

When you were born Saturn in a particular constellation — it takes about 29 years for Saturn to circle through all 12 zodiac signs and then return to the same constellation it was in at the beginning of your life. At that point, it’s identified as your Saturn Return. Right now, Saturn is in Pisces from March 23 to February 26, 1976 of the following year; Saturn was last seen in Pisces from 1994 to 1996, so those born during those years are presumably mid-Saturn Return.

While the exact Saturn Return takes place at the age of 29, the feeling and ideas usually cover this whole age period of 27 till 30. Let me remind you that you also get a second Saturn Return in his late fifties and third in your eighties. Those who were born between February 6, 1991, and May 20, 1993, as well as June 29, 1993, and January 28, 1994, passed through their first Saturn Return. At the same time, the ones from the early sixties, born between January 3, 1962, and March 23, 1964, and, particularly, September 16, 1964, and December 15, 1964, passed through their second one.

So, What Happens During a Saturn Return Exactly?

Our lives are a construct of externalities before the Saturn Return. It’s the life our parents, teachers, friends, bosses, society, etc. shove onto us. But when Saturn returns back to the home base in its charts, the gas giant asks us to question every single aspect of our existence to make sure we’re living our best life. In general, this period can be metaphorically labeled as “powerful growing pains,” which means it’s a time of radical transformations. When Saturn is done with its turn, we are 100% ready to live our best life, whatever it means for us personally.

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It is also a time of getting clear about who you really want to be as an individual. You may realize that you’ve not been truthful to yourself and that you’re the only one who has to lose that self-imposed limitation. Saturn is also a planet of time and commitment, which implies that things or people who are not supposed to be with you in the future may go away during your Saturn Return. Moreover, you might feel pressured to figure your entire life out. It creates this feeling that there’s no time but also makes everything feel like it’s taking forever. There are no shortcuts with Saturn, so it means you’re going to put in the work only to see the payoff in three years.

We cannot claim that Saturn isn’t one dramatic planet, with its rings, shining like ice, and diamond rain. Malevolent and evil in nature, Saturn is reputed to bring calamity and negativity. However, this is not entirely true. Saturn’s Saturnine Cherish deeds are hard to obtain anywhere else. Saturn represents 2024 might be an exciting year for us, as from January into when the year ends, the entire time Saturn will remain in Aquarius; as well as from June into November it will go retrograde in Pisces. The year 2024 amounts to 8 numerology number conveyed as 2023 adds to eight 2+0+2+4 equals 8 which we call Saturn’s number. Let me show you this mysterious planet beyond much of the popular anxiety and myths about it.

A Melting Globe in a Bird's Nest - feeling of the world shifting and restructuring during the Saturn Return

Middle Adulthoodlet’s See Who’s Going Through Their Saturn Return Next!

After finishing with Pisces on February 13, 2026, Saturn will first move into Aries, which is the initial member of the horoscope and is in power and firepower. Therefore, a unique band of men will try its Saturn Return. The first Saturn Return will include persons born between April 7, 1996 to June 9, 1998, as well as those born between October 25, 1998, and February 28, 1999.

Your Saturn Return Can Show up in Several Areas of Your Life

Many people experience a significant career pivot during their Saturn Return, while others find their niche at work. Some discover who they genuinely value in your life. Perhaps your friends are moving in various ways, or you are contemplating ending a relationship or committing more fully to one or the other. Saturn returns typically coincide with the ages at which people have children, marry, or enter a legally binding partnership. You could be questioning whether to pack up and relocate to a new city. Perhaps you find yourself immersed in deep healing about your past and your family. How did you grow up, and does it fit who you are now? During your Saturn Return, you look backward to emerge forward.

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Claire Comstock-Gay was The Cut’s horoscope columnist says: “It was a great time where there was a lot of chaos. I moved cities, I had a big breakup — all these things were happening to me. But I was empowered by it, and I felt purposeful in life.”

Ms. Comstock-Gay continued, referring to a Saturn return as a time when you feel a sense of loss of the failures of youth and come fully into adulthood. She claims that converting the grief that comes with shifting into the art is a fantastic approach to narrate a difficult but terrific story.

Since Saturn is in Aquarius this year, you are going to reimagine your purpose and vision of life.

Combine the force and grit of Saturn with the visionary expressions of Aquarius energy, and you have the ideal filtration that is your heart’s desire when it comes to purpose. The retrograde in Pisces sprinkles in a little stardust to prepare the groundwork for your dream life and reveals the adjustments you require to make as you soar through it swiftly. 

How does Saturn Return influence the different signs?

The following chart shows how your Saturn Return would manifest based on Saturn’s position in the chart, along with what to expect for each zodiac sign.

  • Saturn in Aries, then the lesson is likely to revolve around competition and autonomy.
  • Saturn in Taurus is likely to teach about finance and stability.
  • Saturn in Gemini will have lessons on communication and peers.
  • Saturn in Cancer is likely to teach people about security and vulnerability.
  • Saturn in Leo is a lesson on pride and ego.
  • Saturn in Virgo is likely to be a lesson on perfection and control.
  • Saturn in Libra is likely to test partnership and compromise.
  • Saturn in Scorpio is likely to offer lessons on intimacy and trust.
  • Saturn in Sagittarius is a lesson on expansion and growth.
  • Saturn in Capricorn is a lesson on success and legacy.
  • Saturn in Aquarius is a lesson on innovation and community.
  • Saturn in Pisces is a lesson on spirituality and boundaries.

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Life's Cycles and the Saturn Return: Are They Connected?

If you remember, at the beginning we discussed that Saturn returns to the Sun in about 29.5 of Earth years, it is overall a cycle. So the first time the Saturn return in your life happens is between late 20s to early 30s. And the classical interpretation of “the Saturn Return” is that this is the time when a person truly grows up – many experience it as needing to face themselves for the first time and accept responsibility for who that is. In other words, you need to grow up. This is very conventional to the phases people go through in their life, and the first two happen just within the 30-60 age marks. Here is what these look like:

Influence of Saturn return

Adulthood – Middle Age: Early Adulthood (From Ages 21 to 35)

Adulthood also has its 3 similar stages: childhood with ages from 0 to 12, and adolescence with ages between 13 and 20. The early stage is defined by complete independence.

It is also a time of highest individuality when you find yourself in society and search for personal success. Many professionals choose what to do for the rest of their lives at this phase because they have managed to excel at at least one skill that society values. You can either go to university or college, try apprenticeships, or start at an entry-level position.

It is also foundational to mature relationships, which has the hardest times throughout adulthood. Because now you start from scratch: the PC reaches relationships from their peers to something with furthermost intentions. Thus, this is a period of most of the human lifetime crucially responsible for eating the product of society. Rinse and repeat.

Key characteristics Adulthood – Middle age: maturity, role in society, personal growth, learning phase, relationships, and pitfall (isolation).

Tree with Dollar Signs as Leaves: ocus on personal success and societal values during early adulthood

Middle Adulthood (ages 36-50)

  • Transition to interdependence. Most people still strive to achieve personal success, but this time around it’s more fun if success can be achieved in a group or as a team. People are generally looking to have a big impact on others.
  • Most powerful position. People have generally mastered their field and knows what he wants to do and how. From there, a simple transition into leadership occurs in all sectors of life: career and family, primarily. I’m afraid…
  • The pitfall? Many people are concerned that the best time they have long passed – despite the fact that it is not so… there is clearly less opportunity at this age, but it is quite possible to get stuck and give up already in middle adulthood.

Key Characteristics for Middle Adulthood

  • Maturity: transition from personal independence to mutual dependence;
  • Society role: leading one;
  • Personal growth: summarizes, hard-earned wisdom and painting, a lot of things, come to acceptance;
  • Learning: mastering leadership;
  • Relationships: their own loved ones.

Any More Stellar Songs for the Saturn Return?

As mentioned earlier, the second most novelty song is the first song of Kacey Musgraves’s new album “Deeper Well” Groove Catalog. The lyrics are quite unambiguous. She begins with “My Saturn has returned” and then sings about how she is ultimately abandoning the people and habits that are wasting her time and dragging her down, like “Roll out of bed, hit the gravity bong that I made” :

The “Saturn Return playlist” can be expanded with the 2000 album “Return of Saturn” by No Doubt, R.E.M., Hayley Williams and Stevie Wonder. Or Katy Perry’s saturnine ballad “By the Grace of God”.

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