Leo Yearly Horoscope 2024

Romantic Saga 🦁💖

Mid-July (5th, 8th, 11): Fireworks in your love life can ensue after a harmonious alignment of Venus and Neptune. It might lead you to a chance encounter with somebody, possibly even an apparition. Regardless of your relationship status, it is important to be open to new connections.

Between the end of July and early August: Mars will join Jupiter in contention with Saturn, leading to a few clashes. There might be disagreements, or hidden issues may come to light. It is important to speak openly and compassionately. Your most powerful weapon here will be flexibility.

September (September 2, 14 and 17): The month sizzles with ardour as Mars and Venus trigger your deepest passions. Still, the Full Moon Eclipse at 17th September can realize old pains. Time to embrace your vulnerability and work on getting healed emotionally.

Early November (November 2nd, 3rd): Venus teams with Mars and stirs up the sexual action as only an old muscle relaxer can. This fire could help stoke the flames in your current relationship, or you can apply this charge to upping your charisma if you’re on the prowl for a fresh partner.

December (December 2nd, 4th, 12th, 19th): Love seeks security this month with Venus and Saturn entering Capricorn. It is a very perfect time to combine work although you also may experience novel yearnings or look at old issues. Mark says that open and honest communication will be important.

a Leo couple dancing gracefully among a swirling nebula of stars and hearts, enveloped in soft moonlight

Finances & Career

July 5th, 8th: You ooze confidence and assertiveness this week. This is a time when you can easily ask for that raise or look at taking on the next grade up job. Make the opportunity count. In your life, financial independence is just a step away and it will be there if you wish.

August 14th, 15th, and the 18th/19th: Heads up for difficult roadblocks. Jupiter and Saturn are creating oblique around which one might have to face some delay or disappointment. Keep your chin up, Leo. Stay patient and perseverant.

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Scorpio: You can use the New Moon in your financial sector on November 1st or 2nd to really go after new ways of making money through early November. Instead, specifically take smart risks; they are more likely to yield disappointment.

This is where the Mercury retrograde and a square from Jupiter to Saturn can cause roadblocks between Mid-November through Mid-December (Nov 12, Dec 4, 6, & 26). This could lead to frustrations at work. Stay focused and do not think twice about asking for help if needed.

Travel & Adventure

Not a lot of cosmic signals for huge adventures out there this year. Rather, look inward. So maybe a killer staycation or peaceful retreat is all you need to stoke the flames of inspiration.

a hand, symbolizing Leo's creativity, holding a paintbrush that ignites galaxies and stars onto a canvas.

Personal Growth & Well-being

July (July 2nd, 9th, 20th): Plunge into the depths of your inner world. The other aspect is Mercury conjunct Neptune and Chiron, which provides an opportunity for you to learn what has been hidden from yourself all along. Meditation and journaling are your friends.

September: The Full Moon Eclipse hits (Sept 7th) along with the Sun opposite Neptune, highlighting any lingering insecurities. Hopefully, you are reading this to identify some part of yourself in my words otherwise I say… take these moments and start embracing them but have self-compassion and maybe go get a diagnosis if things continue.

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Early November (November 1st, 2nd): Both the New Moon on the first plus Mars moving to Leo make you an unstoppable force of competence and charm. Get clear on what it is you want & go after your personal goals with Gusto!

Late November/December (November 25th, December 6th, 18th, 26th): Time to be solitary and sit with your mind — Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius again due to the irrational juxtaposition: more failure from Jupiter (exaggeration) clashing with Saturn (lets and slower time to ensure safety). Pick your battles, and do not be afraid to if you need a rest.

Communication & Friendships

August (August 4, up to August 24, and September 24): It is time for you to improve your communication skills all thanks to the movements of Mercury. Time to reconcile with friends and loved ones.

depicting a dreamy underwater scene with two figures, one representing Leo, gently floating hand-in-hand amidst schools of fish and glowing coral

Mercury Retrograde (November 25th to December 15th): Misunderstandings are all too probable. Practice more patience and consider each word that flows out of your mouth to prevent any unwanted clashes in the future.

Five famous Leos and their achievements:

Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez is a modern performer who varies in fields such as pop music, acting, and dancing. Lopez’s tale is a pattern of natural talent, Leo’s determination, and stardom coming to charisma.

Whitney Houston: Whitney Houston enjoys the title of one of the best-selling music artists of all time in the music industry since her powerful voice and passionate performance once resonated with many people. Here, it is easy to find Leo traits such as passion, as well as presence.

Daniel Radcliffe: Although most people know Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, he has matured and developed as an actor and has fearlessly transferred to the stage to show his creativity.

Charlize Theron: Theron is also an excellent example of the determined Leo – the actress is very versatile and deep, and she is not afraid to take on challenging roles.

Sandra Bullock: Sandra has made contributions to several genres of film and has played many diverse parts, brilliantly illustrating Leo’s dynamic side.

Cosmic kisses, Pythia Astrologer ✨

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