How to Use Tarot 馃幋 Numerology to Understand Your Personality

How to Use Tarot 馃幋 Numerology to Understand Your Personality

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Tarot numerology introduces a fascinating blend of the mystical artifacts of the tarot cards with the spiritual knowledge of numerology. It provides a profound quest of your personality by uncovering secret layers through the mysticism of numbers and their interplay with symbols. The following guide attempts to clarify the matrix of Tarot numerology and serve you with the guide to your unique traits.

Background of Tarot Numerology

The secret of tarot numerology is an ancient recognition that every piece of numeric expression radiates a vibrational frequency that directly correlates to the tarot鈥檚 mysterious symbolic expressions. Tarot numerology is primarily based on the Major Arcana, a collection of 22 cards of the total tarot deck. These cards represent several life quirks, from The Fool to The World, serving as an accessible mirror of different life stages.

Calculation of Tarot Numerology: how to find your Major Arcana card

Essentially, the energy of tarot numerology appears to correlate with the energy of particular tarot cards. To assure the one you are, the user would need to calculate a Life Path Number based on his/her date of birth and analyze the corresponding Major Arcana card with the same number. That is the way to find your journey card, as the Major Arcana numbers reflect your genuine nature and the obstacles you would confront.

Tarot Numerology Reading

Review of Key Concepts Each tarot numerology card encompasses an individual length of your personality that defines your advantages, disadvantages, and possible electricity. For instance, The Magician may indicate the user鈥檚 potential to embrace the universe鈥檚 inner magic or prepare for numerous improvements and instability for a card such as The Tower.

solitary figure surrounded by tarot cards, focusing on The Fool, with the Major Arcana

The Major Arcana: a Numerical journey

Each Tarot card in the deck has a number, and that number isn't just there to help you keep track of the cards during a spirited game of Tarot solitaire. The Major Arcana comprises 22 cards, each with a unique number 鈥 and those numbers tell a story:

  • #1 The Magician is number one. He represents mastery and manifestation 鈥 think of him as the ultimate multitasker, only without the need to write everything down on sticky notes.
  • #2 The High Priestess is number two. She signifies wisdom and secrets as your intuition鈥檚 best friend 鈥 but without the need for those urgent late-night calls.
  • #3 The Empress is number three. She represents creativity and is nurturing 鈥 imagine a mother鈥檚 embrace minus the trip to Soho or having to clean your room.
  • #4 The Emperor is number four. He represents authority and structure 鈥 the CEO of a prerequisite Tarot deck without the corner office.
  • #5 The Hierophant is number five. He represents tradition and beliefs as your wise old grandpa, except without him nodding off in his armchair.
  • #6 The Lovers are number six. They represent love and choices 鈥 a romantic comedy without all of the predictably cheesy one-liners.
  • #7 The Chariot is number seven. He represents determination and victory 鈥 a victory lap without needing to wipe a bead of sweat.
  • #8 Strength is number eight. She represents courage and patience 鈥 it is a gym workout for your soul minus the morning-after soreness.
  • #9 The Hermit is number nine. He represents introspection and guidance 鈥 a spiritual retreat without having to pack a bag.
  • #10 Wheel of Fortune is number ten. It represents cycles and destiny 鈥 a roller coaster without the nausea.
  • #11 Justice is number eleven. She represents fairness and truth 鈥 a courtroom drama without the gavel.
  • #12 The Hanged Man is number twelve. He represents sacrifice and new perspective 鈥 yoga for your mind without the need for a mat. 

#13 - Death

Oh, boy 鈥 the Death card tends to really freak people out! But don鈥檛 ya worry, this doesn't have anything to do with actual death at all. Rather, it was a story of ending and renewal. A friendly reminder: shed the past like a snake sheds its skin. Clinging to old stuff? Clutching to ages past? And all that's going to do is stop new and better things to come into your life. Think of it as emptying out your closet. Got a bunch of old clothes that don鈥檛 fit? Get rid of them! The coolest new gear鈥檚 on the way, and there鈥檚 no room for tired designer threads from last season.

#14 - Temperance

Balanced temperance queen. She prefers to operate in the middle ground, being a mediator of the situation and avoiding both ends (too long not going out vs. too often parting). Any time she shows up, it鈥檚 a gentle reminder to chill out and flow. No reason to hurry anything or make things difficult. 鈥淛ust stay open and flexible to whatever may come your way.鈥 鈥淭o me, it鈥檚 almost like mixing the right cocktail 鈥 you overdo something and that throws off the drink,鈥 he says.

#15 - The Devil

The Devil: This can be a scary card to draw, but it鈥檚 really just about feeling 鈥渟tuck鈥. Ever get this card and think, I'm stuck here 鈥 there's no way out of it... The trick? What鈥檚 the catch? Knowing you have the key to your own freedom cause Yes, the Devil does want you to believe that. But please do not allow him any illusions of power over you! As if you鈥檙e in a room with an open door but you don鈥檛 understand that all you have to do is leave.

#16 - The Tower

The Tower is essentially a giant wrecking ball wreaking havoc in your life. When it all seems to be crumbling in front of your eyes, this card is telling you that giving into the earth-shattering shaking might just be what you need to do. At times you just have to tear down the old shaky structures in order to build something strong and new. It's painful, but it's also like taking a wrecking ball to the old and decaying before you can build anew.

#17 - The Star

The Star cleans the air. Hope and healing. Whenever they showed up it used to indicate towards good things. The Star - The universe is on your side, keep the faith! Picture her as a gentle light amidst the dark, leading you to begin again and find purpose.

#18 - The Moon

According to the Moon, your actions are a little different. She is this concealed insecurity which you have in the dark corners of your brain. The presence of The Moon indicates that instead you may be allowing your fears to drive the bus. I think it鈥檚 an encouragement to be honest with your feelings, instead of bottling them up inside. Just remember, nothing is as it appears. Not only that, but if you clear all the smoke out of your eyes...

#19 - The Sun

The Sun is, on a universal scale you could say, a big warm hug; from the universe. The Sun Upright Meaning: This card exudes nothing but positivity, excitement and energy. Anyway, when the Sun shows up, it鈥檚 your cue that everything is going wonderfully. Read more: How to revel in the good around you. So, take a moment to raise your head and bask in the joy. Life is amazing.

#20 - Judgement

Judgement; your past is meeting with the present to determine your future. This is a call to actually reflect on actions and decisions. And, are those commonly held beliefs taking you to the place where you want to be? This card reminds you that it鈥檚 never too late to turn things around! Your future is not written in tablets of stone, so grab the chance to steer your life where you really want it.

#21 - The World

The World, as the final of the Major Arcana cards. Completion and perfection. Whenever The World appears, do take it as confirmation that you鈥檙e on the right path. You are wiser as a result of everything you have been through, prepared for the next phase. Once you get to the top, and at last have a clear view of where you came from, there鈥檚 just so much more ahead!

The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

The remaining cards of the Tarot deck, in fact most of them, are part of the Minor Arcana. Do not underestimate them though, just because they are 鈥渕inor鈥 doesn鈥檛 mean that they don鈥檛 have a big impact on your life.

The Four Suits

The Minor Arcana consists of 4 suits; Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Four court cards: King, Queen, Knight, and Page. Each suit contained ten pip cards 鈥 Ace through Ten 鈥 plus these four proceeded of a kind鈥攆rom lowest to highest: King, Queen, Knight, and Page. As each suit activates a different area of your life, these cards function as a clear message that reads them it鈥檚 the perfect time to pay attention.

The Wands

Wands are about action, initiative, invention, and energy. Meant only as a gentle prompt, from the postcards from Slimville when to play and when to wait. It's kind of like when you just get a click of an idea and then it leads you through the soft downs in your life.

The Cups

Cups are the emotional center of tarot! They鈥檒l ask to hear the intimate details of your feelings, intuition, and relationships. When a cups card is pulled, it might be something to help you deal with love and learn more about your feelings. Your emotions from hyperactive to stopping down!

The Swords

And this is the card of conflict and challenge. Swords. Occasionally they can be a warning of impending difficulties or sadness. Do not worry, Swords are here to help you confront your inner strength and intellect in these areas.

The Pentacles

Pentacles represent the physical areas of life such as work, finances, and health. These can give you a hint about your long-term targets, professional roads, and money-related status. They're a lot more like a handbook that claims 鈥楬ere鈥檚 exactly how you can possibly do it, listed below is actually the roadmap for triumph and also sustaining well-being.鈥

By the Numbers

The suits of the Minor Arcana can tell you which aspect of your life need some love, but it鈥檚 the numbers on those cards that provide more info on exactly what type of vibe is coming through! Every number one through ten, including the court cards, has a unique vibrational quality that gives clues as to how best to decipher the Minor Arcana鈥檚 journey.

Aces (1)

With aces, it's all about starting off on the right foot. They are like an explosion of anything, the start or beginning of any thing. The starting line, a whole new path/mission/war etc. For me it's become like smelling that first cup of coffee in the morning, a new beginning, full of potential.

Twos (2, II)

Twos. These cards refer to the balance of two opposing forces. If it is a Two, that means you need to work on some balance first before continuing. If you don鈥檛 have that, think of it as a seesaw and without the balance, you鈥檙e not going anywhere.

Threes (3, III)

Note: Threes are all about communication. These cards emphasize the role of other people in your life, work, and feelings. It was as if we were all at a party, with mingling and having an impact as well.

Fours (4, IV)

The fours are a time of resting and meditation. To go further, you have to stop and look back at where we used to be and decide what the future looks like. It's like taking a pause while hiking, looking at the view, and planning, gathering information for what comes next.

Fives (5, V)

Adversity is the message only Fives can bring. These cards indicate the conflict, loss, or other obstacles you must work through. It is like a rough spot on the road. It can be harsh but it is part of the journey.

Sixes (6, VI)

If there was a growth stock or any difficult situation at all for Sixes. Bad situations should be left behind and take time to learn yourself better. It is just like the time that you realize there鈥檚 finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sevens (7, VII)

Sevens are about teaching you faith in yourself and that all is right with the world. And whilst around you swirls like a whirlwind, confidence, determination, and truth will always see you through. It is almost like walking on the tightrope - enough faith to stay steady.

Eights (8, VIII)

Eights deal with work and change. What they're telling you is that in order to get what you want, you need to change your habits. These are just shifts in gears like you might switch into a different combination of cogs on your bicycle as you pedal uphill.

Nines (9, IX)

Nines are about fruition. Nines = completion. You see, things are coming into place and you're beginning to get the fruits of your labor, whether you like it or not. It鈥檚 like harvesting a crop for which you planted seeds.

Tens (10, X)

Tens always represent the final outcome and conclusion of a cycle. They show you the fruits of your labor. It鈥檚 something akin to graduation, a way for you to look back over all of your efforts and where it has gotten you so far. The end in one way only means more beginnings in others.


The Minor Arcana also has court cards; Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings in addition to the numbered or pip cards. Each of these cards has a special message and further hones your Tarot reading.

Pages mean Messages and Beginnings. Usually, these come up when you鈥檙e getting into a new cycle, where it鈥檚 not so much of what is that you want to manifest, but how. When Page shows up, it鈥檚 a reminder to take in as much information as you possibly can before proceeding. In a way, it feels like standing at the starting line before a race. While you know where your finish is going to be, in order to arrive there successfully, you still have lots of planning ahead.


Knights are the action and movement cards. So, if you know when to set your plans in motion and begin the essential work soon. If the Knight shows up, it鈥檚 a green light at an intersection. You know exactly where you want to go and now all that is left is taking off!


These cards are the epitome of her embodiment in power, potential, and wisdom. Practice all three of these strategies and many of your efforts will become much easier and less frustrating. As the wise say, seek counsel from those who鈥檝e gone before you. The Queen of your particular suit is always a reminder that as you carefully nurse your ideas and creations, they will begin to take material form. Think of it more like consulting a wise, experienced mentor.


Kings and queens are full of authority and power. The cards say, we鈥檙e giving you everything you need to be successful and the strength within your power but YOU have to have faith in yourself. Whenever a King shows up, it鈥檚 an indication that you鈥檝e got what it takes to lead and take meaningful action. Imagine actively taking the mantle of a leader if you have to. Things that don鈥檛 work when realizing your goals are concepts like 鈥業 can never do it鈥 or 鈥業t was written.鈥


Tarot Numerology vs Traditional Numerology?

Tarot numerology is the combination of the image meaning from the tarot card with the spiritual connotation from numerology. Due to this mixture, it provides a multidimensional view for people on their inner world and life path.

Can Tarot Numerology See the Future?

Tarot numerology is not supposed to predict your future, as it is limited only to provide you with nuances of your life. Hence, it gives you the power to shape your own future based on the theory.

How Often Are You Supposed to Use Tarot Numerology Card?

It can be used on demand, either daily or on memorable days for the person.

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