Top 6 🕶️ Celebrity Astrology Charts. Week #25. Who's Hiding What?

Top 6 🕶️ Celebrity Astrology Charts. Week #25. Who's Hiding What?

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This week, we're diving deep into the celestial tea leaves of some seriously iconic figures. From the firecracker energy of Miley Cyrus to the revolutionary spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., we're decoding the birth charts of the stars (and the changemakers!) who continue to shape our world. 

Ready for a birth chart blitz? So, grab your crystals, light your incense, and get ready to discover what the stars have written for these A-listers and history-makers.

Miley Cyrus

  • Born: Monday, November 23, 1992, 4:19 PM
  • In: Nashville (TN) (United States)
  • Sun: Sagittarius, AS: Taurus, Moon: Scorpio, MC: Aquarius
  • Dominants: Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pluto, Mercury, Sun
  • Houses 6, 7, 8 / Water, Earth / Fixed
  • Chinese Astrology: Water Monkey
  • Numerology: Birth Path 1
  • Height: 5' 5" (1m 65)

As a Sagittarius Sun, Miley Cyrus embodies all the traits of this classic Fire Sign: outspoken, fiercely independent, at times rebellious, but always friendly and brimming with optimism. The Sun is in Miley's seventh house, which highlights partnerships, relationships, and collaborations. Most of her life, she has been in relationships, but it was only recently she realized that she could actually purchase a bouquet of flowers for herself.

Miley Cyrus

Miley thrives in collaboration. She is incandescent when collaborating, which has resulted in a slew of high-impact partnerships. To the public eye, Miley rocks that bubbly, rebellious Sagittarius Sun personality. But her inner landscape is much more complex. Having a Scorpio Moon in her natal chart makes her feel everything to the bone. This position will lead her to look for situations that provide the intensity of emotion, satisfying the Scorpio Moon's need for drama.

Scorpio Moon Miley sits between her natal Pluto and Mercury. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, amplifies her intense feelings. That power of conveying emotion through lyrics is supported by her Moon sitting near Mercury, the planet of communication. Both are reinforced by a Taurus rising, giving her a sense of discipline and a steady, sensible exterior. Those with Taurus rising value pleasure and live life from the perspective of the senses. Being grounded in this way means that Miley really must experience life on a material level, through touch and sensation.

Her Sagittarius Sun does cause her to sometimes go overboard with her own indulgences. At times, to her own detriment, she gets lost in hedonism. Despite this, when Miley slows down, lives life normally, she builds good boundaries and actually flourishes.

Martin Luther King

  • Born: Tuesday, January 15, 1929, 12:00 PM
  • In: Atlanta (GA) (United States)
  • Sun: Capricorn, AS: Taurus, Moon: Pisces, MC: Capricorn
  • Dominants: Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Sun, Venus, Saturn
  • Houses 11, 9, 12 / Earth, Water / Mutable
  • Chinese Astrology: Earth Dragon
  • Numerology: Birth Path 1
  • Height: 5' 6½" (1m 69)

Dr. King, famed for his compassion and commitment to non-violence, had love not just for his people but for all of humanity. His Piscean sun-Saturn pairing spawned intense empathy for the downtrodden and under-served in society. King was born with the Moon and Venus in this Water sign—the final sign of the zodiac—the emotional powerhouses of astrology. Pisces, the finalization of all thoughts, the finalization of all feelings, the enlightenment of all individuals, as a collection of spirituality, being compassionate is a root behavior of the sign. Christianity (forgiveness, empathy; by the fishermen of Galilee) 2000 years (beginning of the age of Pisces) This is a spirit that Dr. King tapped into in his social and political movements—he paid with his life in the end, reminiscent of the early church fathers.

Martin Luther King Jr.

But this was no aimless trip of Dr. King's Moon in Pisces; it was powered by a trine to Pluto giving his character strength and force. These aspects (Moon conjunct Uranus, and the Sun trine Neptune) seem ideally suited to allow for a powerful focus Moon to set off big-time his Capricorn Sun, with its "can-do" attitude, in working to create real and workable societal changes here in America. The Piscean method of unity, both radical and inclusive, sought to bring black and white, rich and poor together, not tear them apart and put them into combat.

But honestly, all of what I am describing would be a moot point if it were not for the determination of The Reverend Dr. King. A Mars-Saturn opposition in his own horoscope further exacerbated the typical qualities of Capricorn. Action-oriented Mars and harsh realist Saturn were locked in a tough clash from Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn. It was an opposition to his 8th House of Death and Rebirth, which added to the challenge. He remained disciplined through all of the insults, assaults, and attempts at harassment by the FBI. This opposition of Mars and Saturn played a part in his later assassination, sadly. Unfortunately, this is not common destiny for someone that has this pattern in their charts, but then again, Dr. King was not like most people. His leadership combined dedication with empathy and his ability to lead was widely regarded as unparalleled.

Mariah Carey

  • Born: Thursday, March 27, 1969, 7:27 AM
  • In: Huntington (NY) (United States)
  • Sun: Aries, AS: Taurus, Moon: Cancer, MC: Capricorn
  • Dominants: Aries, Cancer, Taurus, Moon, Venus, Jupiter
  • Houses 12, 3, 7 / Fire, Water / Cardinal
  • Chinese Astrology: Earth Rooster
  • Numerology: Birth Path 1
  • Height: 5' 8" (1m 73)

Mariah Carey

Aries Suns are go-getters and independent, trail who blaze a new path while being a natural leader. They're thought to be the heroes of the zodiac, imbuing the rest of us with their courage. Experiencing an Aries hero on their journey is like watching Mariah Carey's "Hero" perform with the pride of what their Aries has encouraged in all.

Being No. 1 their purpose in life. And Aries Suns have the drive necessary to become the best at whatever he or she wants to flippin' become the best at. Is it any wonder Mariah Carey is the only recording artist to send her first five singles to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 — "Vision of Love," of course, followed by "Emotions"? That Aries determination was starting to creep through!

Mariah's Aries energy stems from her magical twelfth house, the zodiac sector of spirituality and illusions (insert sweet, sweet fantasy, baby). The twelfth house is a natural place for Pisces energy and usually represents energy associated with intuition, surrender, and so forth. It is also a place of withdrawal and isolation, which fits very well with the emergence of Mariah from the water (more Piscean symbolism...) to announce Christmas.

Also, with a twelfth house such as Mariah's, there are deep needs for solitude, and it is vital to her emotional wellbeing to get that spiritual renewal associated with a long stay there. These planets in the twelfth house often take on overwhelming projections from the public, so it's no wonder that Mariah had a very public breakdown in every sense in 2001. From her puzzling appearance on Total Request Live, she ended up spending time in a rehab facility — classic twelfth house stuff! She worked with a therapist and looked back through all of her old relationships and started her relationship with God. (Yep, twelfth house again)

Cancer is a sign associated with motherhood and nurturing, so Mariah has a moon in Cancer. Both the Moon and Cancer work in unison here, dominating Cancer's would-be mooniness.

The moon: our feelings and what we need to feel secure. Being a Cancer moon, Mariah easily plays the protector mother and sings emotional, melodic lullabies like "Always Be My Baby" and "One Sweet Day" to comfort our pain with her vulnerable sounds.

Robert Pattinson

  • Born: Tuesday, May 13, 1986, 5:00 AM
  • In: London (United Kingdom)
  • Sun: Taurus, AS: Taurus, Moon: Cancer, MC: Capricorn
  • Dominants: Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Mars, Mercury, Venus
  • Houses 12, 10, 3 / Earth, Water / Fixed
  • Chinese Astrology: Fire Tiger
  • Numerology: Birth Path 6
  • Height: 6' 1" (1m 85)

Robert Pattinson: The process involving his Mars/Moon complex is quite an interesting one. He has his Sun conjoining Mars and this is the planet of desire, will, power, and action. This cosmic connection with the Red Planet provides him with scads of self-assuredness and well-paced performative force. With an inborn talent in both, it comes as no shock he is good at combat and athletics. There is more to it, however — his authoritative character and laser focus enable him to drive his intense vigor towards any goal he sets the bar for. 

Robert Pattinson

But Mars is not alone. It teams with Jupiter, blessing him with hard-wired fortune and charm, and seemingly tireless strength. The catch? If he does not capitalize on this energy, it may be cooled down. Fortunately for him, he still insists on making that fire, illustrated splendidly in his tireless ambition for self-improvement. He doesn't just sit around waiting for the marriage he wants. Hell no, he's willing to work himself to the bone to get there.

With the Moon aligned with Mercury, his logic is keen, his means of communication is excellent. Throw Pluto into the mix and you have an unstoppable force of will. Once his heart or his mind is focused on something, then he will stop at nothing to get there.

His intuition? He hit it right on the head where he almost knows what makes man tick! Having discovered his intuitive prowess early on in life, this drives him towards constant new heights and a strategic approach to decisions within his career. More than that, though, his chart is a portrait of a saga still in progress: a life dedicated to mastering the seemingly endless nectar of galactic calm that he's capable of.

Megan Thee Stallion

  • Born: Wednesday, February 15, 1995, 11:00 AM
  • In: San Antonio (TX) (United States)
  • Sun: Aquarius, AS: Taurus, Moon: Leo, MC: Capricorn
  • Dominants: Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo, Uranus, Neptune, Venus
  • Houses 10, 9, 11 / Earth, Fire / Fixed
  • Chinese Astrology: Wood Pig
  • Numerology: Birth Path 5
  • Height: 5' 10" (1m 78)

 Megan Thee Stalilon

  • In Megan’s birth chart, the Sun is at the top, indicating her identity and ambitions are very visible. Her Sun is in Aquarius, the sign associated with revolution and change, in her house of legacy and career. This means we’ll be seeing more of her, just as she wants.
  • Saturn in Pisces suggests she needs to seriously invest in her dreams and creative pursuits. When she aligns with divine timing and moves at her own pace, it will significantly impact her career.
  • Megan’s Midheaven at 29 degrees Capricorn indicates her life involves thinking big and creating a unique path to success. With Mercury loosely conjunct her Sun in Aquarius, it’s clear that when she speaks on social issues, people listen. That’s queen behavior.
  • Megan’s natal Venus at 12 degrees Capricorn shows she values loyalty above all else. She keeps her friends close and her family even closer. If you want to be in her inner circle, loyalty is a must.
  • Her music is all about making money. How does she manage it? With her natal Mars Retrograde in Leo, she likely takes her work home with her, meaning she’s always on her grind.
  • Megan’s natal Mars Retrograde in Leo is loosely conjunct her natal Moon in Leo, indicating a deep emotional investment in her success. Some astrologers say the Moon represents our mothers, and in Megan’s case, this conjunction highlights her mother’s influence on her star power.
  • Megan is a Taurus Rising. Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, shapes how others see us. Taurus loves creating, maintaining, and nurturing earthly possessions. Check out Megan’s Instagram for strong Venusian vibes.
  • Astrologers look at the Pars Fortuna, or the Part of Fortune, to understand how luck plays out in someone’s life. It’s a calculation based on the positions of your Big Three (Sun, Moon, and Rising signs). Megan’s Pars Fortuna in Scorpio at 15 degrees suggests her luck comes from being a great listener and asking the right questions. Sometimes she catches a small detail and instantly benefits.

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